Maui Mayor Threatens to Shut Down Press Conference When Asked About Missing Children

Joe Biden’s belated vacation to Maui, which he took after his usual break, has further embarrassed him. Biden’s gaffes are usually a source of hilarity. However, in light of this tragedy, Biden has sparked the anger and disgust of not only the islanders but the entire nation. The tone deafness is not limited to Biden. As I reported last weekend, the combination of bureaucratic events and a zombielike adherence to a progressive agenda is more than likely the cause.

The people who were responsible for the deaths and destruction at the local and state levels should have admitted their negligence, accepted any penalties or sanctions due to them, and then faded into the background, never again engaging in public service. Maui’s people, however, will not be able to receive even this, since the government has resorted to covering up its mistakes and attempting to shift the focus from itself.

A reporter and Maui County mayor Richard Bissen argued over a question that was reasonable: How many missing children are there? Below is the video of this exchange.

Fairly, the answer “I don’t know” is, at first glance, perfectly reasonable. It may be impossible to find or locate all the missing people due to the intensity of heat and fires, and the situation of the displaced. The reporter’s agitation is understandable.

It would have been prudent for the mayor to say something like, “It is not prudent to release that information as we are still working to identify and recover the deceased.” We are going to do the following To help facilitate this, we will be doing the following It may not have been a perfect solution, but at least it would have shown that authorities are taking the issue seriously.

The reporter asked a legitimate question. It’s perfectly acceptable to respond, “We do not have an answer. We are working on it, and we anticipate having that information by (a certain date and time). It is necessary to have at least an approximate estimate. Bissen, perhaps because he was ashamed of the way this tragedy had been handled, and refused to admit it or was arrogant, threatened to close the press conference, and remonstrated, “It takes only one or two people to ruin it all for everyone.” He then complained about the fact that some people did not “wait their turn.” This is not a freshman mixer. One X user commented on this:

Forget that Bissen’s reply was an insult to that reporter and the others who responded. It was an insult to every family or person who is wondering if their loved ones will be found and who is bracing themselves to start the grieving process.