Lawmakers Demand Subpoena Power to Investigate UFOs

Both sides of the House, following a July Congressional Hearing on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs – formerly known as UFOs) are calling for increased subpoena powers and the creation of a special investigation committee. The committee will investigate the claims made by former intelligence official David Grusch, that the U.S. Government is back-engineering the technology of aliens.

Tim Burchett, R-Tenn., attended the UAP hearings in July. He believes that the subpoena powers would help to break the information logjam. Burchett said that when you subpoena them, they’ll be there with their lawyers, but will not face prosecution under the law.

Burchett stated that the expanded powers will help them overcome roadblocks when they try to secure a confidential compartmented facility (SCIF) in which they can hear the remainder of Grusch’s testimony.

Luna claimed that Congress “actively stonewalls” its efforts to make sure Grusch has the clearance needed to brief them.

Burchett, speaking of the roadblocks, said that they “just create more and more conspiracies because our federal government has become so arrogant.” “They’ll simply run out the clock.”

As of May, the Pentagon’s All Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (which Congress created to investigate these incidents) had investigated approximately 800 reports of UAPs. Military officials have stated that most cases are of innocuous origin, but many other cases remain unsolved.

The government’s claims about UAPs are difficult to accept because there are so many agendas that are being promoted by those investigating the phenomenon. It is difficult to know where the misinformation stops and the truth begins. Since the Roswell incident, the military has misdirected inquiries to classified programs such as Stealth or advanced optics. It is convenient for the military to use UAP sightings as a way to divert attention away from classified programs like Stealth and advanced optics, while they conduct their serious work of protecting the nation.

In this case, it is possible that Mr. Grusch was unwittingly a part of the government’s misdirection program. He may be telling it like it is, or he could be lying. Congress is perfectly entitled to decide which is the case. However, it will not be able to get to the bottom unless they grant subpoena powers to a special committee.

Rep. Jared Moskowitz, (D-Fla.), believes that now is the right time to inform the American public of the existence of aliens if they are being hidden by the government.

Moskowitz stated, “We can’t tell Americans that this isn’t true forever if we’re re-engineering technologies based on things that have crashed landed in America from other civilizations.” The American people deserve the truth.


Three witnesses were present at the hearing held last month. They had first-hand experience of UAP sightings. Grusch, a former intelligence officer claimed that the government had recovered “nonhuman biological pilots” (which the Pentagon denied) from downed UAPs.

Grusch told the committee that he could not speak about much of his information because it was classified. The Hill reported that the Pentagon is slowing down the investigation members’ efforts to get a classified hearing started with Grusch.

The Department of Defense uses the excuse that Grusch does not have an active clearance [for security]. They’re telling us that unless he’s got an active clearance, he cannot divulge this information to us. I think that’s false,” Rep. Anna Paulina Luna stated at The Hill’s event. The Department of Defense literally tries to block us.

Secrets are highly valued in Washington. Secrets are a valuable commodity in Washington. Congress will have to investigate the UFO secret cases in order to determine how much is a matter for national security, and how much might be about maintaining the status of the person who holds the secret.