Massachusetts Used COVID as an Excuse to Let Google Hack Smartphones to Monitor the Movement of Citizens

“Contact tracing,” a method of locating people by their contact information, was popularized at the height of COVID fearmongering. Public health officials used it to stop COVID and to protect civil liberties.

Contact tracing is used to combat infectious diseases. Next, test for exposure. This is not a good idea. Because there is very little chance they will be exposed.

Interviews and tedious door-to-door conversations were necessary for an old-fashioned way.

It was legal and voluntary. It is a news source that specializes in digital linkages in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Some Androids have an Android app that allows for contact tracing in Massachusetts.

According to several reports, Android users living in Massachusetts could receive an automatic state COVID-19 notification app.

9to5Google received information from Google that the company had been in touch with the state’s department of public health. Google Play Store has “automatically distributed the app.” Google said that the app must be activated in order to function.

Yes, you were right. Contact tracing software could not be installed on your phone if Massachusetts residents lived there. However, it was necessary to activate it. Anybody who could place an app on your phone without you knowing would not want it activated.

They could.

The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA), an independent civil right firm, filed a lawsuit against the Bay State’s Health Department on Tuesday. DPH installed spyware that “deliberately tracks, records, and stores movement, personal contacts, and other information onto more than a million devices” without the owners’ permission. ”

According to the lawsuit, “Conspiring not to steal residents’ smartphones without their consent is not something that the Massachusetts Department of Public Health (“DPH”) can lawfully use in its efforts against COVID-19.” ”

According to the NCLA DPH collaborated to Google to create a contract-tracing app that Massachusetts residents could download involuntarily beginning in April 2021. The suit states that very few people downloaded the app.

According to the lawsuit, NCLA claimed DPH and Google collaborated with Google to install Contact Tracing App onto over 1 million Android smartphones in Massachusetts. DPH claimed this was done to “increase adoption”, beginning June 15, 2021.

The suit claims that the app allows Android phones to communicate via Bluetooth and exchange data. According to the lawsuit, this exchange could allow DPH, Google, and other developers access to the Android phone’s stored data.

The suit states that this data could include phone numbers and email addresses.

Here, I would like to mention that it took place under the watchful eyes of Charlie Baker who is a nominally Republican governor. Baker is exactly the kind of Republican The Bulwark and The Dispatch would like to have as their governor.

These are the two main points RedState writers have been emphasizing for the past two years.

First, COVID panic was a result of existing public health laws being misused. Marxist-Leninists created a “public safety exemption” to the Bill of Rights. This was followed by attempts to declare “gun violence” and “racism” public emergency situations. These laws could be used by other governments to eliminate these scourges.

Second: Conservatives of all “much privately owned companies” can FOAD…but it’s not that second. Today’s colleague shared about the efforts of the Biden White House to stop the attorneys’ generals of Missouri, and Louisiana, and the FBI’s attempts to suppress any news from Hunter Biden’s laptop in an effort to stop Donald Trump’s reelection.

Another thing I thought about was: Do we really think that Massachusetts is the only one that has done this?

Now we can see how Big Tech actively collaborated with the public health goose-steppers to invade privacy and other crap all over the Constitution.

A Sturmabteilung populated by do-gooders or a greedy Tech sector focusing on profit might make it possible to survive. We need to act quickly before it is too late.