Mark Meuser Says Race Against Alex Padilla Is Winnable, Could Be Decisive for a GOP Majority

Mark Meuser, a California Senate candidate and attorney, says that California Republicans can still win state races if they have enough conservative voters. He points out that the number of conservative voters in California has increased, which is good news for Republican candidates. Every California Republican and Independent-leaning Conservative must vote against Governor Gavin Newsom and Newsom-appointed Senator Alex Padilla. Two-to-one, Democrats outnumber Republicans. Some California Democrats are fed up and will vote for quality candidates like Nathan Hochman for Attorney General and Lanhee Chen to be State Controller.

The Republicans will win the majority of the Senate seats if Newsom’s Padilla is defeated by Meuser. To make that happen, conservatives must turn out in record numbers and anyone who believes California and America is heading in the wrong direction. Millions of Californians don’t approve of Padilla or Newsom. However, it is possible to send a message by voting against them in November. About 47 percent of registered Democrats are registered Republicans and 23 percent of registered Independents. It will take all those who are opposed to them to vote them out.

Here’s a part of the Q&A.

Levon Satamian, Do you believe a Republican could win in California during the midterms statewide? Why or why not?

Mark Meuser: Republicans can win in California in 2022 if the silent majority vote. If you look at the voting statistics for the past decade, it is clear that there has been an increase in the number of conservative voters who have not voted. Millions of voters who want the government out of their lives have decided not to vote.

According to polling statistics, a significant number of Californians are unhappy with the progressive agenda of the woke. They simply want the government out of their lives. Republicans have a huge chance to win in 2022, if they vote, talk to their friends and coworkers, and make sure they vote.

LS: What message will you send to Democrats and Independents telling them to vote against Alex Padilla

MM: Vote for my opponent if you love out-of-control federal spending, higher taxes and lobbyists, and special interests being well-funded. Vote for me if you are looking for someone who has a track record of fighting for the people and against big tech, big business, and big government.

I was there fighting for them to be reopened when the unelected bureaucrats closed down our schools, churches, and businesses. When unelected bureaucrats mandated vaccines for you, I was there fighting for your medical freedoms.

You can compare my campaign finances with those of my opponent to see that I’m not being bought or paid for by any special interest. My campaign is funded by We The People, and that is who I will be fighting for when I reach D.C.

LS: Democrats have tried to bring in Donald Trump to every race in California. We’ve seen this pattern before. What message would you send to Californians who aren’t in support of Trump if Padilla posts ads about you and mentions Trump?

MM: While Democrats focus on the battle of personalities in 2024, I am focusing on the issues that the voters want the government to deal with in 2022 ( Democrats want to make 2022 the battle of personalities, as they can’t run with their track record of the destruction of the economy, high levels of crime, and disaster at the borders.

LS: What do you think about the FBI raiding Mar-a-Lago

MM: Monday, August 8th, 2008: The Day that the FBI Crossed over the Rubicon.

LS: Which legislation would you first author in the Senate? Why?

MM: In America, the government was “government by the people, by and for the people.” But it has turned into a government run by special interests for special interests. Every two to four years, the political elite offers lip service to the people but then turns around to serve lobbyists. This must stop. It’s time for someone to speak up in DC and represent “We the People”.

The federal government needs to reduce its spending and live within its means. I support federal spending cuts, particularly waste, fraud, and abuse, and I will advocate for a balanced budget.

Schools should focus on core subjects like STEM and not indoctrinate children. I believe that education funding should be directed to students and not fund systems. Any proposal that directs federal funds to support students, regardless of where parents or students choose to go, I will support.

By enacting unelected regulations, bureaucrats can stifle economies. These regulations are so significant that Congress should vote to approve them before they become law.

LS: What’s your opinion on Roe v. Wade being overturned by the Supreme Court?

MM: Under the U.S. Constitution Roe v. Wade was a bad decision because it removed from the states the responsibility for this politically charged issue. The Constitution gave states the power to deal with issues relating to the health and well-being of their citizens. The Dobbs decision was a significant decision that allowed us to examine the federal government and return power to those who are more responsive to the citizens’ needs.

Climate change is a major topic in California. Is there any common-sense solution to climate change? What would a common-sense proposal look like if so?

MM: Climate changes daily, it’s hot one day and cold the next. A few decades back, we were discussing global warming. Then we were discussing global cooling. All three movements have tried to limit your freedoms and give more power to unelected bureaucrats. If the definitions of man-made effects on our world are constantly changing, we cannot have a serious discussion. Soundbites are not a good way to solve problems.

California’s natural beauty and great outdoors are what I love. People don’t want to live in dirty water, or in smog-filled areas. The United States has made great strides over the years in improving livability standards. We cannot continue to pursue extreme environmentalism at any cost to the people living in this state. To ensure water is available for all, desalination plants must be built so that farmers can produce crops to feed us. Foresters must be able to clear the underbrush and thin the forests to ensure that forest fires don’t destroy our national forests while releasing large amounts of CO2.

LS: In California, and all across the country, crime is rampant. What are the most important steps leaders can take to reduce crime in their communities?

MM: See the People’s plan (Protecting our Communities) –

LS. What steps should leaders take to lower inflation?

MM: Inflation is when the government spends more money than it can print, and collects less tax revenue. The dollar is devalued when the government prints money. The dollar’s value is reduced, which causes prices to rise, which in turn affects Californians’ pockets. This means that they will have to pay more for fuel, food, and other necessities.

I support a balanced budget amendment. I will also fight against pork-barrel spending legislation that benefits special interests. I want to investigate the budget and eradicate waste, fraud, and abuse of federal spending.

LS: Do you believe voters are finally realizing the mistakes of Rob Bonta and Gavin Newsom?

MM: It’s clear that people are awakening to Joe Biden’s failed policies and federal democrats. According to polling data, Newsom isn’t as popular as Joe Biden. Bonta, Padilla, and their names are not well-known in the state. This means that the average voter wouldn’t recognize them if they saw them walking down the street.

This is Part One of the interview I did with Meuser. Part two of the interview with Meuser will take place in October. According to polls, the majority of Senate races are a tie. The importance of turnout for the GOP cannot be overemphasized. Meuser can defeat Padilla if turnout is high. The GOP will most likely win the majority of the Senate seats.