LSU’s Angel Reese Won’t Accept Jill Biden’s Apology

Angel Reese, LSU forward, seemed to be irritated by the suggestion Jill Biden made about the possibility of inviting Iowa to the White House for its run to the national championship.

Usually, the White House celebration is reserved for the winners of championships, and even as a spokesperson for the first lady said Biden meant no respect toward the LSU team, Reese will not accept an apology.

“I’m not going to lie to you. I don’t accept your apology because of what you said. … I said what I said.” Reese stated Tuesday that “Paper Route” podcast host Reese can’t change certain things you say. “It’s like they felt like they should have come because of sportsmanship. They have the spotlight. We’ll be going to the Obamas. Michelle and Barack will be there.

Reese answered the question “We’ll see” when asked if the Tigers would visit Washington.

“I know that even if the roles were reversed it would not be the same. She added that if we lost, we wouldn’t be invited to the White House. “I recall her commenting on how both teams should be invited due to sportsmanship. I was like, “Are you saying this because of what I did?” It bothers me that you are a woman at end of the day. It doesn’t matter if you are white or black, you should be supporting us in every way possible.

Tuesday’s suggestion by President Biden was that only LSU or UConn should be invited to the White House.

Monday’s first lady stated that she might ask President Obama to invite Iowa following the Hawkeyes’ performance.

“I know that we’ll have champions come to the White House, as we always do.” Jill Biden in Denver stated that “LSU should come”. “But, you’re going to tell Joe that I think Iowa should also come because they played such an excellent game.”

Initially, Reese called the suggestion “A Joke.”