GOP Convention In Utah Will Allow Guns, Despite Liberal Media’s Reports To The Contrary

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will speak at the Utah Republican Party State Convention, Orem, Utah on April 22. Multiple mainstream media outlets reported at first that the Utah GOP had banned guns from the event. However, this is incorrect.

Americans who have concealed carry permits will still be permitted to bring heat. However, those present will need to pass metal detectors.

The Hill and The Salt Lake Tribune reported Tuesday morning that guns were prohibited due to security concerns, especially during DeSantis’ speech.

It seems that initial reports claiming there was a ban on guns were fabricated to suggest hypocrisy by the Republican governor of Utah and his Utahan colleagues.

Salt Lake Tribune reporter Bryan Schott originally set his original claim (i.e., that guns were forbidden at the convention) in contrast with with the Utah GOP’s stated support of the “constitutionally-protected right of the people to keep and bear arms” for self-defense.

It is unclear whether Schott, who has been very critical of DeSantis’s past comments, intended to intimate Republicans as hypocritical. However that seems to be the conclusion of many who commented on Schott’s article on Twitter.

AlterNet echoed the Tribune’s assertion, noting that “DeSantis’ allies” (like many MAGA Republicans) have been quick to accuse Democrats as being anti-2nd Amendment. Bryan Schott of the Salt Lake Tribune reports that guns were banned from the 22 April event “as part enhanced security for DeSantis’ appearance.”

Schott posted a Twitter update stating that the Utah GOP had changed its position on guns at the convention.

According to reports, Carson Jorgensen, Utah GOP chairman, had corrected the record and informed the Tribune that magnetometers would be used at the Utah Valley University’s UCCU Center. However, those who are legally allowed to bring their guns into the venue may still do so. Delegates will not need to worry about such security measures.

A concealed permit can only be obtained in Utah if the applicant is 21 years old.

Jorgensen explained to the Tribune Tuesday that he felt it was best to be cautious when clarifying his decision.

Jorgensen previously stated to the paper that “in the current political climate we felt the need for thorough security for this event.”

AlterNet had an article titled, “Utah GOP bans firearms from state convention” that was published hours after The Hill’s initial report was similarly revised. Ron DeSantis will be the keynote speaker at this article.