Libs of TikTok Pointed Out Boston Children’s Hospital’s Trans Surgery Policy. Then the Fact-Checkers Got Involved.

A post by Libs of TikTok, a popular Twitter account, claimed that Boston Children’s Hospital was performing “young girls” gender-affirming hysterectomies.

Side note: Dr. Frances Grimstad is known for having many letters after her name. This video shows her being extremely creepy. As she describes the destruction and mutilation of healthy female reproductive organs, she smiles like a hyena.

PolitiFact, a left-leaning propaganda group that promotes the story of the trans revolution, is called PolitiFact. They were critical of the use of the term “young girl”. Patients must be at least 18 years of age and have a letter signed by a doctor stating that they have ‘persistently documented’ gender dysphoria.

The fact-checkers were shocked to find that Boston Children’s website clearly stated that patients must have at least 18 years of age for any procedures.

PolitiFact has the correct information regarding the “18-and older” language. It’s possible, however, that it wasn’t included when Libs of TikTok tweeted about it on August 11th. Wayback Machine archives indicate that the language was added sometime in the period between July 31st to August 14.

Also available is the July 31 version:

PolitiFact fact-checked Libs of TikTok’s tweet on August 12, the same time the website was changed.

Boston Children’s is proud to perform mutilation surgeries on 18-year-olds. This hospital has no problem putting teenagers under the knife in order to remove their healthy reproductive and sexual organs.

It’s easy for people to believe that a hospital with “Children’s” in its name would offer services for children. “Children” under 21 should not be allowed to touch firearms.

It is interesting to note that the hospital added an age disclaimer to its website at the same time Libs of TikTok had the gruesome Boston Children’s procedure and the video of Madame Mengele smiling.