AP Conveniently Updates Stylebook Again – With Usage Guidance on Birthing People

It amazes me every time how frequently dictionary publishers change their definitions of words. The Associated Press Stylebook also updates its guidance on certain terminology when Democrats are in trouble, look stupid, or need help.

We saw this in September 2020, after the George Floyd riots. The Associated Press urged media outlets not to use the term “riot” in describing the Antifa/BLM-led rioting in Democrat-run municipalities. The Associated Press explained their reasoning by stating that “riots” were “used in the past to stigmatize large swathes of people.” In the same year, they posted similar guidance on using “looting to describe looters.

Merriam-Webster changed the definition of “preference” a month later. This was the day Democratic Senator Mazie Hirono criticized Amy Coney Barrett, then Supreme Court nominee, for using the term “sexual preference” in discussing gay rights cases.

Dictionary.com changed its definition of court-packing two months later to be more in line with the Democrat talking points. This was after Republicans had repeatedly condemned their call to pack the Supreme Court. Dictionary.com’s response to the question was very revealing.

“Language evolves. So do we.”

The Associated Press recently introduced their own revision to the language of “language evolving”. Three months after urging reporters not to use terms such as “pregnant men” in reporting on transgender “men”, the Associated Press has updated that update. It suggests that media outlets use “pregnant woman” or “women who seek abortions” and that they “not use too clinical language like “people with uteruses” or “birthing people”:

It’s a great thing that they are embracing the term “women” just two months after Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court.

This is exactly what it is. Pretending to “respect” and formally recognize women in the fall election is precisely what pro-abortion Democrats of California Gov. are doing. Gavin Newsom to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senator. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, to name a few, have all abandoned (for now) their ridiculous and unscientific talk points about how men can become pregnant in the immediate aftermath of the SCOTUS ruling.

It is hard to believe that the new AP/Dem policy on women will change following the midterm elections. The people who tried to placate this issue by including “pregnant people”, and “people seeking to have abortions”, clearly don’t understand it.

Stay tuned, as always.