Lefties Are Objectively Pro-Monkeypox

California’s state senator shared tips on how to hide monkeypox symptoms before going to San Francisco’s Up Your Alley street fair.

Senator Scott Wiener is a Democrat representing the Bay Area’s 11th Senate District. He shared a “safety tip” that advised people to “cover it with a bandaid” if they have any skin bumps.

“There’s never been a better time,” a cartoon character named Douchie says, “to dress from top to bottom in latex or leather.”

It is possible.

I have other bits of advice that I don’t want you to hear.

Here’s Wiener’s terrible take:

Monkeypox Fever – Catch It!

While closing down the bathhouses may have been a good decision, I can assure you that nobody was “pushed into shadows” but for their kink.

It’s more than just the senator from California’s smallest state.

It is said that silence is violence. After two years of endless and often counterproductive COVID talks, the Left has not spoken out on monkeypox.

Despite Ronald Reagan using the term “AIDS” in public, Democrats criticized him. Today, however, they are unwilling to talk openly about simple truths like who has monkeypox or how.

A simple statement by President Joe Biden could make a big difference for those who are most at risk.

Hey, guys! Stop spreading it for two weeks. This will only take two weeks.


I don’t think this is the message Biden meant to convey. I couldn’t resist.

Would they be willing to listen?

Perhaps enough people would hear the message. Especially if repeated by all state agencies, official and unofficial, as they have done for the past two decades about masks and social distancing.

This is due to the fact that our public health officials failed us in the smallpox vaccine, which protects against monkeypox.

They wanted to make a freeze-dried vaccine that would last longer, so the FDA delayed approval. This meant that there was no vaccine available when it was needed.

This Twitter rando gave me better advice than any Biden Administration official that I know:

Why are monkeypox safety concerns being ignored?

Maybe it’s about money and power that monkeypox is declared a Public Health Emergency.

It was difficult for bureaucrats and authoritarian politicians to surrender their dictatorial power during the Great COVID Power grab. The latest declaration is, undoubtedly, music to their ears.

Public health emergencies are impossible without sick people. The Left will not tolerate the news about monkeypox.

It is happening.

Like George Orwell claimed that British pacifists were “objectively pro-Fascist,” I think it’s fair to say that Democrats and our public health establishment (but I repeat myself) are objectively anti-monkeypox.

The Democrat’s businesses are doing well, and they’re thriving.