DeSantis Sent Police to Remove Soros-Backed State Prosecutor Who Let Children Get Sex Surgeries Despite Law

Ron DeSantis, Florida Governor, wasn’t playing with fire when he set out on his mission to protect children from the woke culture of his state. He isn’t just writing laws; he’s also putting teeth in the mouth of those who don’t cooperate.

We reported that Andrew Warren, the state prosecutor in Florida, was suspended by DeSantis after he refused to enforce Florida’s laws against sex-change surgeries on children. According to the governor, Warren had placed himself above the law and decided which laws he would follow and which he wouldn’t. This was at the request of his leftist ideology.

Warren replied in his own statement making it appear that he and only he are in charge of his small area. DeSantis suspending Warren is therefore illegal. This attorney quickly clarified that nothing DeSantis did was illegal. Warren, like most Soros-backed goons, is more concerned with keeping power than telling truth.

According to the Daily Wire, DeSantis now wants Warren to be removed from his position by law enforcement.

In the Executive Order suspending Warren from office, DeSantis ordered, “As of the signing of this Executive Order, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, assisted by other law enforcement agencies as necessary, is requested to (i) assist in the immediate transition of Andrew Warren from the Office of the State Attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida, with access only to retrieve his personal belongings; and (ii) ensure that no files, papers, documents, notes, records, computers, or removable storage media are removed from the Office of the State Attorney for the 13th Judicial Circuit of Florida by Andrew Warren or any of his staff.”

Although it is unlikely that Warren was removed by law enforcement, the order stated that the main reason for his removal was to secure any records found at the office. Warren is a man clearly driven to radical goals, so all files should be carefully scanned.

It is worth looking into any correspondence that he or his staff had, particularly if he was influenced by offices like Soros. Even if there was no illegality, it would give us an idea of what a radical leftist playbook might look like. According to the Daily Wire, DeSantis claimed that he has an idea.

“Here’s What Soros is doing. DeSantis stated that it was smart of Soros to do this. “They can’t get these items enacted in a legislature where criminals are just gonna run [amok].” He will participate in the Democrat primaries, he’ll get involved in a Democrat region, he’ll flush a billion dollars to get radicals to win the primary, then they often win the general due to the jurisdictional party affiliation differences.

He continued, “So you get them there and they do what they want to do: they want to change criminal justice through non-enforcement.” It’s an attempt to circumvent our constitution. These results have clearly been devastating for the country. It also undermines the notion that our government is supposed to be one of the laws and not of individuals.

Warren already fits the Soros-backed “individual” government stereotype. There may be more. Authorities will hopefully be able secure all information before it is destroyed or altered.