Left Clowns Call for an End to Gun Violence THEN Let Violent Offenders Out on Bond and House Arrest

South Carolina lefties released a mass shooter from a shopping center on a $25,000 bond, despite their constant whining about “gun violence.” The “festival of Lead” left 14 people injured, nine of them fatally injured.

Jewayne M. Price, 22, was released from jail after turning himself in to police and giving them his gun, which he couldn’t legally possess but he did anyway, to them. These are his lawyer’s reasons for the low bond.

Timothy Simpkins was released from jail after serving almost 24 hours. Three people were shot at his high school by Simpkins. When he returned home, his mom hosted a party. #MotherOfTheYear

Price was also charged with nine additional counts of aggravated attack and battery of high and aggravated nature, attempted murder, and unlawfully carrying a gun.

Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott stated that he had caught people and served a bit of time. After they are released, they go right back to doing what they do normally, which is [to] commit a crime, he said at a press conference. “The criminal justice system must do better.”

A man killed nine people and was placed under “house arrest” This should be enough to make people stop shooting up shopping malls. Clown World.

Important update: Jewayne Price was not granted bail Tuesday afternoon. It wasn’t immediately clear if the judge who denied him bail Tuesday afternoon was the same one that granted the $25,000 bond.

We saw the shooting at South Carolina’s mall shortly after. This time, it was in Houston. This is the second shooting at the mall in less than a month.

Two weeks ago, fifteen people were killed and one was injured in a rap concert shooting. Perhaps now is not the best time to allow mass shooters to go free.

The left will continue to complain about “gun violence”, despite allowing shooters out of jail in all 50 states, including in Democrat-dominated areas like Chicago and New York City.

This year, Chicago has witnessed 769 shootings. Lori Lightfoot (Chicago’s Marxist Mayor) believes that gun buyback programs are “bold, innovative initiatives” despite decades-old buyback programs and evidence that they donโ€™t work.

Below are the results of a recent study about gun buy-back programs’ effectiveness.

Gun buyback programs (GBPs) are public funds that civilians use to purchase privately-owned guns

Firearms are intended to reduce gun violence. But, little is known about the effects of GBPs on firearm-related deaths or crime. We find no evidence that GBPs decrease gun crime using data from the National Incident-Based Reporting System. With 95 percent confidence and our estimated null findings, we can exclude any decreases in firearm-related crimes of more than 1.3 percent over the course of a year after a buyback. We also found no evidence from the National Vital Statistics System that GBPs decrease suicides or homicides in cases where firearms were involved. These results cast doubt on the effectiveness of current city gun buyback programs.

Simply put, criminals can steal more money using guns than they can from a $100 buyback program.

Gun buy-backs are futile and criminals should be kept away, so what can the left do to stop “gun violence?” Nothing. It doesn’t matter that record numbers of people are being ventilated in shopping malls or at rap concerts. It’s all part and parcel of the plan. The left wants your guns.