California Democrats Ban Adjectives During Public Comments on Abortion Bill

California Democrats introduced an abortive bill that was so shocking that it attracted more than 1000 pro-life supporters to Sacramento Tuesday night to protest during public comment.

AB2223, a “reproductive bill”, would ban the prosecution of pregnant women who have had a miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion. This bill is being introduced in response to Texas’s pro-life legislation and the possibility that Roe V. Wade may be overturned.

Pro-life opponents of the bill claim that it will allow infanticide. This would remove protections for infants born alive after botched abortions, and question the definition of “perinatal.”

Here’s an overview:

It’s not surprising that the California legislature introduced AB2223, which states: “People also need to end pregnancies via abortion, including self-managed abortion.” This is a way to end one’s own pregnancies without recourse to the medical system. This raises many questions.

The language with the most controversy is: No civil or criminal penalty is imposed on a person for their actions or omissions relating to their pregnancy. Birth due to a pregnancy-related cause.

The last sentence implied that you could end your baby’s life once it was born.

It was not surprising that pro-life activists wanted to address Assembly Health Committee. Senator Melissa Melendez (CA28), however, stated that the committee has yet to receive one question from members of the public. The hearings are still ongoing.

The Democrat-led committee failed to limit public comments to A member of the committee tells the crowd to quit using adjectives and threatens anyone who doesn’t comply.

Concerned citizens, who are taxpaying and exercising the right to address their elected officials to voice grievances, were told to quit using adjectives when discussing a bill that called mothers “pregnant women” and could decriminalize infanticide.

Most Democrats in California seem to have lost the majority if not all of their brain activity and functioning. Where are their minds?  Hell if any of us know at this point.