Leave No Stone Unturned and No Person Unstoned

Two more people pleaded guilty in the narcissistic soap opera that was on January 6. This time, it was a Utah father and son, Bradley Bokoski and Matthew R. Bokoski from Chicago. They pleaded guilty to the misdemeanors, I quote, “parading, demonstrating or picketing at Capitol grounds.”

January 17th is the date for sentencing.

Parading? How is this possible? Are Rotunda’s navel-gazers so concerned about their convictions that they tap people to “parading” for the misdemeanor? The report states that both men admitted they entered the Capitol Building. Cameras captured them doing so. Both will likely be sentenced to probation, as they did not commit any violence. The same decision was made in J6 similar cases.

Perhaps they’ll be sent down to Nancy Pelosi’s punching room. She floats on champagne corks and stings like a butterfly (Muhammed Ali reference).

They were only there for five minutes.

It doesn’t matter that the couple walked in, did a 180, and then walked away without stopping at any of the men’s rooms or drinking fountains. The Bokoskis must pay $10 per nickel for each alleged crime.

This is the point. There is no escape.

In criminal cases, the accused shall have the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury drawn from the same State or District where the crime occurred. The accused in criminal cases shall be entitled to information about the nature and circumstances, to be confronted and to be questioned by witnesses, to compulsory process to obtain witnesses, and to the Assistance of Counsel.

“Excessive bail, excessive fines, or cruel and unusual punishments are not allowed,” states the Eight Amendment. ”

Friend lost security clearance and is not receiving a salary. He said that the FBI investigation as well as the prosecution were part and parcel of the entire process.

It felt like there was a purpose to it all. It felt like there was something to it. It was because a tactical group showed up on their property at six in the morning, potentially throwing flash bangs into their house, terrorizing their family, and alerting their neighbors.

Friend claimed that he was being sanctioned by the FBI while he was being sanctioned. He stated that the FBI wanted to expand the definition of a secure perimeter to criminally prosecute those who did not even enter the building.

He stated, “There was no doubt that the punishment is the process. ”

Even if he’s not charged with any crime, he will still need to pay his attorney. We are not sure if he will wear an orange jumpsuit one day.

Friend stated that agents pursued individuals in certain cases even if there was no evidence of criminal wrongdoing.

All of this is done in order to spread a story about the dangers posed by white supremacy and MAGA Republicans. It is all to show there is no escape.