GOP Files Suit Against Pennsylvania in Ballot Legality Brouhaha

The Republican National Committee and other Republican politicians and citizens have sued the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for their open statement that indicated its inability to comply with the law regarding the admission of mail-in ballots that do not meet the state’s eligibility requirements. Townhall

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, NRCC Chairman Rep. Tom Emmer, and PAGOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas noted that “as Pennsylvania, the legislature has made clear,” and promised that “Republicans will hold Pennsylvania Democrats responsible for their brazen defiance towards the Supreme Court, and the rules duly established by the legislature.”

We previously noted that the Supreme Court decided not to decide in this case. It told Pennsylvania to comply with its existing laws regarding the acceptance of ballots. This is something it seems unable or unwilling to comprehend. Pennsylvania, for its part, can’t see the obvious.

We thought John Fetterman was not in complete control of his faculties. It must be state-wide. But I digress.

It is not clear why this concept is so difficult to grasp. The law is clearly explained on the state’s website:

November 1, 2022, 5 p.m. – All applications for an absentee or mail-in ballot must be received at your county election board.

November 8, 2022, 8 p.m. – Voting ballots must be received by your county election office. Postmarks are not sufficient.

Did you miss the deadline? You may still be eligible to vote if you have an emergency, such as an unplanned illness or disability, or a last-minute absence from your locality. Learn how to obtain an emergency absentee vote.

For those in the back, it is a little louder

Return your ballot to the county electoral board. Absentee and Mail Ballots must reach your county election board by 8 pm on the day of the election. Return your ballot promptly to ensure that it is received before the deadline.

You can mail your ballot.

Use the return envelope that came with your ballot to ensure you have the correct postage. Postmarks do not count. Your ballot will not count if it is not received by your county election board before 8 pm on election day.

Hand-deliver your ballot to your address before 8 p.m. on election day

County election office

Other sites officially designated

Some counties offer drop-boxes to mail ballots.

Did you get all of that? Did you get all that? If so, please let the Pennsylvania Department of State know. You won’t receive a mail-in vote ballot if the application for a mail-in poll is not received by Friday, November 1, at 5:00 pm. You can’t count the ballot if it isn’t received by Tuesday, November 8, at 8:00 PM. Why is the Pennsylvania Department of State not following the law? There is no obvious party affiliation.

However, it is possible that the lawsuit will have an impact on the outcome of the election, even if the case is decided in favor of the GOP. Democrats will continue to ignore the law and break it unless they are jailed. Republicans must do more than just talk about MMA and then act. Democrats should not care if Republicans don’t. It’s time to stop talking and start doing something. Give up on talking and do something about it.