Law Enforcement Increases Presence as Demonstrators Gather Near Federal Courthouse

The City of Miami Police officers increased their security hours ahead of former President Donald Trump’s arrival at the federal courthouse of Miami.

Homeland Security assisted local authorities in investigating a suspicious device Tuesday morning outside the federal courthouse, where former President Donald Trump was scheduled to arrive. Less than an hour later, officers gave the all-clear for the area.

Officers were inspecting a flat-screen TV that was tied to a pole outside the building. The television displayed the words “[Expletive] communist-controlled Media”. The TV was found to have suspicious wiring poking out from the back.

Demonstrators who arrived at 7 am brought props and signs. Trump supporters dressed up in support of the former president and planned to remain near the courtroom as he faced a judge.

Miami Police Department chief Manny Morales said in a press conference on Monday that the department was taking the incident very seriously. We know there is a possibility that things could get worse, but this is not Miami’s way.

Morales stated that the city had planned anywhere from 5,000 to 50,000 outside the courthouse. Trump publicly called for peaceful demonstrations following the announcement of his federal indictment.

The supporters who arrived at the federal courthouse Tuesday expected that the protests would remain calm.

One Trump supporter said, “When you are born here and God knows, I’ve done thousands upon thousands of demonstrations, I don’t see it going bad at all.” This community is not always given good press, but we are far more than many ever realize.

As protesters exercised their First Amendment right to freedom of expression, police and officers from the Department of Homeland Security walked the area.

The airspace above the courthouse will also be restricted while Trump is in the hearing.

The City of Miami Police Department issued a traffic alert around 10 am to prepare for the attention that this spectacle was likely to draw.

The authorities warned drivers to avoid the area, as the streets surrounding the federal courthouse will be flooded with traffic and people.