Kari Lake Vows Unprecedented Pursuit of Ballots in Election Coverage

The Maricopa County Superior court judge Peter Thompson ruled that Kari Lake’s legal team had not provided sufficient evidence that Arizona law was ignored during the county’s signature verification process of mail-in votes in the general elections.

Lake’s legal team discovered, during her efforts, that the chain of custody regulations and signature requirements were not being followed. Printer issues invalidated thousands of ballots and there were many other irregularities.

Lake responded to the ruling by saying, “We had the best election case in all of Canada and we went through legal proceedings and we didn’t get the verdict we wanted.” “Obviously, you know that.”

Lake continued, “We needed courage and people who would act with courage, and we didn’t receive that.” “We have proven beyond any doubt that our election is a mess.”

Kari Lake plans to appeal the decision, which unfortunately won’t change anything. However, Lake announced during a recent press conference that she would be launching a new campaign to save Arizona elections from corruption. Lake announced her Save Arizona organization will run the largest ballot-chasing campaign in Arizona’s history for the 2024 elections. She also refused to answer the question of whether she would run for U.S. Senate during the event.

“I entered this field because I wanted to eradicate corruption and give back our government to We The People. We did everything right. People came out in large numbers to vote only to see their sacred votes trampled on. We’re working to fix that,” she said on Tuesday. We have worked non-stop to put together the team, and we’re officially launching what is likely to be the largest and most comprehensive ballot-chasing operation ever in our state and possibly even in American history. Just recently, the courts ruled this corrupt election would continue. Our elections are now allowed to run without law. The courts have ruled anything is possible. We can still play by the same rules, right? “If anything goes, anything goes.”

She continued, “We will start chasing votes like you have never seen before.”

Lake also stressed the importance of scrutinizing each ballot in order to ensure an honest electoral process, and criticized the “rigged corrupt system.”

We will not allow anyone to steal an election from us, the People, who want our government returned.

Lake also reiterated her intention to bring her legal case all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court, if needed.