Kamala Harris’s Space Stutter Repeating ‘Our Space Cooperation’ 3 Times in 30 Seconds

Vice President Kamala Harris repeated the phrase “space collaboration” repeatedly on Wednesday.

Harris’s tenure as President Biden’s vice president has been characterized by a series of strangely worded and repetitive public statements.

This summit was no exception as she hosted Mongolian Premier Oyun Erdene Luvsannamsrai at the White House for discussions on tourism, mineral trade, and space exploration.

Harris told the head of state, “President Biden has been to the Indo-Pacific region three times since we took office.” She then spoke in circles, describing the plans for the United States to collaborate with Mongolia in space exploration.

“Today I am happy to announce that our next steps will involve expanding our partnership. Harris stated that they would be discussing the work we’ll do to improve our space collaboration. “You and i spoke briefly about the start of the new era — what it means for you in terms of leadership and vision for the future. And, certainly, strengthening our cooperation would be part of this agenda.

Harris’s uncomfortable comment about space was not her first. In February, Harris was ridiculed for a “patronizing” description of a launch in space.

Luvsannamsrai expressed his gratitude to Harris for having him. He noted that “Mongolia was best known for being the birthplace Genghis Khan, and for its great history as the Mongolian Empire.” However, he also praised America for being the “North Star” of his country on its democratic journey since the 1990s.

He then declared that “We will be signing the Open Skies Agreement”, in order to “start direct flights” and “promote business, tourism, and investment.