DeSantis Vows to ‘Clean House’ of Deep State on Day One

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis will combat the “deep state” and “start slitting throats on day one” if he is elected president in 2024, he said Sunday.

DeSantis said this during a question and answer session at a barbeque campaign event in New Hampshire. He told the crowd he intended to challenge the entrenched executives in executive branch agencies.

“We’re going to have all of these deep state people, you know, we are going to start slitting throats on day one,” DeSantis said.

The use of violent language is reminiscent of DeSantis’ own relentless campaign in Florida against his political opponents, where he pushed conservative policies with a relentless pace.

In previous interviews, the popular Florida Governor has also used graphic images. He said last month that the governor would be targeting officials at the Department of Defense.

He told Real America’s Voice that he thought it was a mistake to appoint a retired general or flag officer as the secretary of defense.

“They may have to cut some throats,” DeSantis added that it is much harder to do this if you have trained with these people in the past. We’ll have someone out there who will be firm and strong but also make sure we have the right people in the right positions. Previous relationships won’t cloud their judgment.

DeSantis, who has experience in Florida and is a former president of the United States, has taken up the call to action. He believes that his Florida experiences will better prepare him to take on Washington’s entrenched powers.

DeSantis is still a distant second in the Republican primary polls. Trump’s popularity has risen, in part because his campaign was able to capitalize on the reactions to criminal charges against him.