Joe Rogan Opens Texas Comedy Club Catering To Anti-Cancel-Culture Crowd

Uber-successful podcaster Joe Rogan has just opened his own comedy club in Austin, Texas — and the Hollywood Reporter called his Comedy Mothership venue a “new safe space” for the “anti-cancel-culture” crowd.

But what about the details?

Rogan is also comedian. He has been railing against cancelculture since years on his podcast, “The Joe Rogan Experience.” 

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Given the fact that other comedians have been known to cancel culture (e.g. Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart), it seems natural that Rogan would start a club where comedians feel secure once again. Dave Chappelle, Kevin Hart).

According to the Reporter Rogan claimed that he was “drunk on mushrooms” at his new club. “This moment is what I need in order to connect with.

The first performance was called “Joe Rogan & Friends”. Roseanne Barr and Tim Dillion, Rogan-verse veterans Roseanne Lucas and Roseanne Lucas were there. Tony Hinchcliffe brought his Kill Tony show to the theater. He led the audience through a game called, “Kayne or the Jews”. A gay slur was also made in the span of a few seconds. Following this, jokes about transgender people were made.

Barr said that he wanted to “thank Joe” for creating the Mothership for comedians. He says it’s great to see people up there getting drunk and smoking marijuana. It’s like Mitzi Shore was alive in the Comedy Store when comedy was the f***ing King.

Barr stated that he spent 30 years fighting ABC for black writers on his show. It was then f***ing frustrating to hear the same f***ing idiots call me racist.

TheBlaze readers might remember Barr’s 2018 cancellation due to a controversial tweet about Obama aide.

The Reporter said that Rogan is passionate about Comedy Mothership ever since moving from Los Angeles in 2020 to Austin.