Harris Mocked For Stating That Kids Are Facing Climate Mental Health Issues

After Kamala Harris raised concerns about young children who are suffering from “climate mental illness,” Twitter users mocked her.

Harris spoke out about climate change during Wednesday’s appearance at the “Aspen Ideas: Climate Conference”, Miami Beach, Florida.

Harris spoke about her experiences with young climate activists, who claimed that climate change was affecting their mental health.

She said that activists had told her they were experiencing difficulties with climate mental health.

Harris began to tell her story, saying, “One the young leaders was speaking to me about climate mental illness.” “Tell me about your peers,” I replied.

Harris, a young activist, repeated Harris’s concept of “Climate mental Health.”

She said, “I believe I understand that. But, please explain it to me.” She also talked about the views of her peers.

Harris stated that Harris was given an example by the young woman to help her understand. Harris said, “One example is whether they could start a family when they’re ready — worried about the implications and stress it would bring.”

The vice president said, “They were discussing in terms of their peers trying, you know, to figure out, You know, they’re going have to get a work and they’re also gonna have to earn a living — but they can do what they can and how can it adapt the education they have now to their activism.”

Twitter ridiculed Harris’ speech. Some said that Harris and other politicians have made alarmist claims regarding climate change.

Heritage Foundation researcher Delano Squire ridiculed Harris’s anecdote and tweeted, “Climate mental Health”? We are being led today by some of the most neurotic, fearful and narcissistic individuals in history. These types are often pushed to the back by pack animals. This is why they are so popular in this country.

Dr. Matthew M. Wielicki, an Earth science professor, criticized Harris and other climate activists for causing stress to children with this idea. He tweeted: “Climate alarmism, mental health abuse of youth. Many of my students expressed concern about having children, as the alarmists convinced them that the planet is ending. This will be the legacy of climate alarmism.”

Farrukh Shamsi, an anti-Biden/Harris Democrat, cited the speech to show that the Biden administration cannot run America. He stated, “We have an issue in the White House. Harris and Biden both have lost the ability of leading.”

Travis County GOP Chairman Matt Mackowiak, Texas, simply stated, “These people, are insane and fundamentally unsious.”

Daniel Turner, founder of Power the Future anti-green energy group, commented that Kamala Harris was concerned about “climate mental health.” What about the mental health and well-being of Keystone XL pipeline workers?

Ted Cruz, R.Texas, was Ted Cruz’s special comms advisor. Steve Guest said that the vice president “just makes stuff up here.”

Jim Stinson made a joke about Harris’ young activist, saying that “The main warning sign to a child like this is that he asked the question.”