Joe Rogan Eviscerates California Democrats For Destroying Lives Over The Pandemic

In a tirade aired on his podcast, Joe Rogan blasted Democrats in California for shutting the economy down during the pandemic.

Rogan made these comments when he interviewed comedian Gabriel Iglesias regarding the businesses that were forced to permanently close due to the pandemic.

I bet they all got Covid. I bet that everyone got Covid. Rogan said, “I bet that if they had recovered from Covid, it would have been safe for them to run their store.”

“Like, the government just took away people’s decision.” It’s now been proved that the decision was made by others. “Like, they just took it out of people’s hands.”

Rogan said, “Little neighborhood places where everyone went,” “Sorry, you can’t do your job! “‘Sorry you can’t work!’ “They just bled out people.”

He continued to say that the government didn’t let people patronize small business because they were not allowed to do so.

“They said their jobs were essential or not essential!” He said it with disgust. “Like, what the f*** is your name? Guess what’s not essential? You! “You, you f***ing halfwit!”

Rogan, a well-known critic of California’s high taxes, and its worsening standard of living amid numerous crises including homelessness and an epidemic of crime in the state during 2020, moved to Texas.

“What is the basis for telling people what they can or cannot do? There was no discussion about the science behind it. No real conversation with experts who hold opposing opinions. “It was gross, man,” continued he.

Rogan said, “I was glad to be out of there.”

He then mocked California Governor. Gavin Newsom is a Democrat who defended his policies during what many considered to be a campaign for the presidency.

Rogan is one the most popular podcasters in the world.