Biden’s Strange Remark to Women as He Continues to Struggle with Kamala’s Name

Every day we seem to see a new example of Joe Biden being a hot mess. It was Thursday at the Indian Prime Minister Modi’s state dinner that he seemed to not know where he should exit the stage. He also put his hand on his heart during the Indian National Anthem.

Biden’s people aren’t as good at shutting down the media as you might think. They can only do so much, even if they throw out reporters and turn off microphones. The powers behind the scenes are always on edge when he is in front of the microphone.

When Joe Biden’s incoherent, or even just plain weird, it’s hard to understand what he is trying to convey.

Biden, Jill Biden, Kamala, and her husband attended a political event on Friday at The Mayflower Hotel, Washington, D.C., which was organized by abortion rights groups. Biden’s comment at the event about women wearing high heels was bizarre and left people scratching their heads.

“Jill said you women should take off your high heels. The rest of you should lie down,” Biden said. “My Lord, talk about commitment standing all this time.”

Alrighty, now. It’s weird. You don’t say to women to lie down when you talk to them? It’s especially important when you have been accused of inappropriately touching women as well as smelling women and girls. Tara Reade’s alleged rape is another thing to consider. Last week, there were many who questioned his hand placement when hugging Eva Longoria. It’s not a great idea to remind people of his creepy behavior with women.

The liberal audience is trained to laugh at anything he says even if it seems strange or makes no sense.

What is his current level of badness? He still pronounces her name incorrectly, even after three years of dating Kamala.

He can’t be bothered to keep things straight or he doesn’t care when it comes to Kamala. This says a great deal about their relationship.

Biden joked as well, saying “I’m 198, but I don’t care.” “Think about that!”

It’s not funny when he is so incoherent and has so many problems. We have to “think that” every day because he shows us how much he’s deteriorating.

The guy who supported/pushed COVID mandates that resulted in people losing jobs has no problem coughing into his hands, and then shaking other people’s hands.

For decades, the United States has been the rock of stability that has underpinned much of the global stability. This is the person in charge, but China is a bigger threat to us as well as around the globe, and Russia could be melting down. This puts the whole world and the U.S. in serious trouble.