Joe Rogan Defends Woody Harrelson, Says Media Is In Unison In Defending Pharmaceutical Companies

Joe Rogan supported Woody Harrelson on Saturday Night Live, while several outlets criticised Harrelson for jokes that were “conspiracy theories”, anti-vaccine and other such things.

Rogan poked fun at Harrelson’s monologue, stating that “cartels” have bought media influence. Only for media organizations to defend “in unison” pharmaceutical companies.

Rogan said, “Woody Harrelson had that monologue SNL in which he was joking about a drug company forcibly forcing you to take their drug.”

“Right after that, the next day, you’ll find all these hit bits, just like they were timed. … Rogan stated that they were calling him anti-vaxxer, a stoner, and conspiracy theories.

Rogan said, “The fact that it got this immediate response were all these people defend pharmaceutical companies, they’re all jumping into and defending them unison. They’re all anti-vaxxer. Stoner.”

Tony Hinchcliffe, comedian, said that there was likely a drug commercial right after the incident.

Harrelson joked in his monologue about an actor who received a script so ridiculous that he couldn’t bear to be part of the film.

“The largest drug cartels in all of the world buy all media and politicians and lock all people in their homes. Harrelson stated that people cannot escape if they continue to take the drugs of the cartels and do it over and over again.

Rogan made parallels between Harrelson’s jokes, and the fact the media acted in the same way Harrelson joked about.

Rogan stated, “When he makes that joke about them buying all media, then all media responds like they’ve been purchased and paid for. That’s wild.”

Hinchcliffe pointed out that Harrelson’s monologue would likely have to be approved by the production of “Saturday Night Live” before it could be broadcast.

CNN had it. But CNN is owned by the same company as SNL. This makes it tricky because they don’t want to make them look bad. Hinchcliffe said that they made it look like he was involved, even though scripts are approved days before.

Hinchcliffe, a comedian and podcaster, said that he did not believe Harrelson had written a mock monologue for show producers. He then changed it before going on camera. This is the same method Rogan claims Dave Chappelle used to launch into a diatribe on Kanye West on the show.