Gavin Newsom Gets Mic-Dropped After Sniffing Around in Another Red State’s Backyard

California Governor. Gavin Newsom has used the past couple of years to look in the backyards and criticize the governors of the red states.

Every instance has seen the governors respond strongly, even Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey (Texas Gov. Greg Abbott and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

This latest example is not different. It was created in response to Tennessee Governor. Thursday’s bill signing into law by Bill Lee effectively prohibits drag queen shows being held in public places, particularly if the show is viewed by children.

The mainstream media and the woke left are naturally worried about LGBTQ rights being violated, or any other reason, as this tweet from the Associated Press shows.

Newsom saw the tweet, and decided it would be a good idea for him to respond with the following:

The next day, Gov. Lee retorted – and Newsom was mic-dropped in the process.

“If rankings are your thing, the Uhaul Growth Index is a good choice.”

You mean really? Newsom has the nerve to believe he can claim moral superiority over others.

What about the crime rate? Newsom and other people who use the same bogus argument about “red state murder problem” always forget that it’s usually the Democrat-run municipalities in those red states that are causing the problems – and Tennessee is no different.

Part of me wishes these governors would tell Newsom to keep his path clear and pick up his own messes first before throwing stones elsewhere. But I’m glad that he’s looking around in other states and being so open about it. It gives the Republican governors an opportunity to correct the record and shut him down.