Joe Biden’s Gun Control Speech Was Washington in a Nutshell

Joe Biden wore his angry eyes as he addressed the nation on gun control. The president gave a long speech filled with misleading statements and obfuscations and focused on banning assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, rather than even discussing common-sense solutions that could protect schools.

Biden, an elderly man who should have retired long ago, perfectly captured the outdated and ineffective thinking that flows from the inner workings of Washington, DC.

In the beltway, emotion reigns supreme, but “doing anything” is not a solution to any problem. Reloading a magazine takes only three seconds. Asinine to think that a mass shooter with evil intentions will refrain from committing an abominable act simply because they can only buy 10-round magazines. This is a vain, emotional idea that does not limit the damage that can result from a determined individual.

Magazines are made of plastic and have a spring inside. The government won’t be able to stop the possibility of magazines being altered to have a higher capacity or to accept magazines with a higher capacity. Why should we be so focused on something that is meaningless? The truth is that Democrats are more concerned with the appearance of doing something rather than actually doing it.

It’s not 1994 anymore. Biden seems to not be aware of this, which is not surprising considering his mental state. Biden’s prescriptions are ineffective and outdated and were created in a world that hasn’t changed in decades. It is not enough to just repeat the same old ideas over and again.

Biden also lobbies for “red flag” laws.

It’s almost as if I’m taking insane pills, but I know it’s not. New York, where one of two mass shootings cited by the president took place, has one of the most stringent and broadest red flag laws in America. The shooter was not stopped by it. Why? Red flag laws are not good for anyone. They may be effective in preventing suicides when a family member raises concerns, but they’re not very effective when dealing with shooters without a criminal record. It doesn’t matter if someone else made a report.

Meanwhile, mockery surrounds the idea of locking schools’ doors or increasing security. Biden’s speech was Washington, in a nutshell. This overt display of emotion, wrapped in fake empathy, was used to push policies that will not work to stop mass shootings. Although I would say that we are more intelligent than this nation, I am not certain.