California Appeals Court Slaps Down Radical LA District Attorney George Gascon

California’s Court rejected Thursday’s soft on crime LA County District Attorney George Gascon’s claim that he could create his own law.

The ruling states that “the district attorney exaggerates his authority.” “He” (Gascon), is an elected official and must adhere to the law, not a sovereign with unreviewable absolute power.

Even though their legalese may be better than mine, judges essentially ask: “Who do they think that you are?! ”

A three-justice panel at the Appeals Court ruled Gascon could not order prosecutors not to charge three strikes cases. The Appeals Court stated that prosecutors can’t be forced to withdraw or drop special circumstance allegations.

Proposition 184 was California’s Three Strikes Law. It was approved by an overwhelming majority of voters.

Gascon is not like other California politicians. He doesn’t care what the voters want.

Yes, he did accomplish a lot in his first 100 days, that’s for sure—and he hasn’t stopped destroying LA since. Gascon has radically transformed the county since coming into office in December 2020, quickly issuing directives that seemed to almost beg criminals to commit crimes. Which of course is exactly what they’ve been doing:

An editor was created by Todd Spitzer, ex-DA Orange County, and Steve Cooley, ex-DA LA.

George Gascon is Los Angeles County District, Attorney. To further his dangerous and radical ideology, he has enthusiastically adopted anti-law enforcement policies and pro-criminal policies. Gang shootings, murders, and thefts have all risen.

Gascon caused a major disaster in Los Angeles.

After many months of frustration, career lawyers sued Gascon by The Association of Deputy District Attorneys claiming their policies violated their rights.

Eric Siddall is the Vice President of the Group. He stated that there has never been a case in which a court had to notify a chief prosecutor that he was required. His job is so important that he cannot ignore or violate the law.

They were released on Thursday. Said Siddall.

This victory is for Californians and line prosecutors. George Gascon, violent criminals are today’s losers.

Gascon created so much chaos in Los Angeles and showed such disregard for victims of crime that even his friends are now turning against him.

Gascon, Biden’s local version. Gascon’s contributions to the county are impressive. The number of homicides is increasing every day with no consequences for the perpetrators and residents who don’t fear walking down the streets.

The court’s decision today is a victory for the citizens of this county. Gascon is a danger to society.