Jimmy Kimmel Admits That Making Anti-Trump Jokes Caused His Show’s Ratings To Drop

After making jokes about President Donald Trump, late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel said that he had lost at least half his audience.

Kimmel was a guest in an episode of “Naked Lunch” hosted by Phil Rosenthal, David Wild and where he talked about his comedy career and being a talk show host.

Kimmel stated that he hopes to still host television after Trump goes to prison.

Rosenthal asked Kimmel if he had ever been asked by ABC if he was more politically neutral in his comedy. Kimmel responded that ABC once suggested that he refrain from making anti-Trump jokes while on air.

Kimmel stated that “I have lost half my fans”

He said, “10 Years ago, among Republicans, I wasn’t the most popular talk-show host.”

Kimmel said to the network that he would not stop laughing at Trump, even though it meant losing his show.

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The comedian said that he had just said, “If that’s what your heart desires, then I understand. But I won’t do it.” If you’d like someone else to host the show that’s okay. I’m fine with that. It’s not my style.

Kimmel acknowledged that he was aware that the decision would hurt his ratings and cost him fans, but that he is proud to be part of a group late-night TV comedians who have spoken out against Trump.

He said that there is a price you pay for your audience. It could be a good thing if you just kept in the middle.

Kimmel said that ABC allowed Trump to keep making jokes about Trump’s refusal and backed down on his request.

The comedian said, “I couldn’t live with myself [otherwise]”. “I love this nation too. They don’t own that flag. This is our flag. “And if I see someone coming in and ruining it, I’m going say something.”

Kimmel was told by Rosenthal that Trump jokes are a “public servant” because people feel “comfortable knowing they’ren’t alone.”

Kimmel’s 2003 show aired its first time. Recently, the talk-show host signed a three year extension with ABC. The show’s ratings and those of similar late-night programs have declined significantly over the past few years.