Court Rules Beauty Pageant Has a First Amendment Right to Exclude Transgenders

A federal appeals court ruled that the Miss United States of America beauty pageant operator cannot be forced to include transgender contestants in their competition.

Anita Green, a transgender woman, filed the lawsuit in Oregon. She claimed that the operator of the pageant denied Green the chance to compete.

The operator countered by stating that competition was entitled under the First Amendment to only include “naturally born women.” The court agreed.

“Miss United States of America communicates its message in part by who it chooses to be its contestants. The First Amendment allows it that right… Given a pageant’s competitive and performative structures, it is evident that who competes in a Pageant is how it speaks,” Circuit Judge Lawrence VanDyke stated in his opinion.

Associated Press:

Green, who is transgender has participated in many pageants, including Miss Montana USA Miss Earth Miss World Universal, and Miss Earth. Green was in Clackamas in Oregon and was about to compete in Miss Oregon USA’s Miss Oregon pageant. However, she was told by the Miss United States of America that the organization had rejected her application as it didn’t consider her a natural-born female.

Green sued the organization, claiming that it was in violation of a state law that makes it illegal to deny public accommodation to persons based on gender identity or sex.

Attorneys for Miss United States of America Pageants stated that the pageant was created to promote and celebrate “natural born women” by sending a message of biological female empowerment.

Trans activists fail in every way they try. It’s a matter of “playing pretend.” Trans activists and radical Democrats can pretend that up are down, black and white are the same things, while women are actually men. It is mind-boggling to consider the fact that their theories are supported by very little science.

Gender dysphoria is a psychological condition that affects mostly men. It can be fatal. This ideology is cruel and inhumane when it’s forced on young children.

Green stated in her suit that the beauty contest was “on the wrong end of history.” Let us hope so. We should actually hope that this is a way to get back to sanity.