Jack Del Rio Has Made Amends, but Keith Olbermann Still Wants Him Banned

We all know how the left punishes those who don’t follow its narrative. There’s no grace or room to deviate from The Narrative.

The Narrative, which has recently been updated, places more emphasis on the obsession with the Capitol Riots of Jan. 6, 2021. The left claims that the riot was the most tragic moment in American history. Any leftist who is worth their salt will not accept any less.

Jack Del Rio, Washington Commanders’ Defensive Coordinator, is a veteran coach in pro football. He compared the furor over the Capitol riots to the lack of interest from the left in the more dangerous 2020 riots that took place in many cities after the death of George Floyd.

Del Rio tweeted last week that he wanted to know “the whole story” about the summer of looting and burning, which was never discussed. But this is? #CommonSense.”

Later, he stated that he was open to a discussion at a press conference. Why don’t we look into these things? If we are going to discuss it, why don’t we look into those things? It’s easy to see images on TV. People are losing their livelihoods, and businesses are being demolished. The Capitol is being reorganized, but nothing has been destroyed, so we are going to make it a big deal.

Okay, calling the riot “dust-ups” is a bit inartful. But Del Rio did make a valid point. Why aren’t Congress or the media looking at the terrible riots of two years ago that caused extensive damage and killed many people, and that also destroyed small businesses, with the same scrutiny they gave the Jan. 6 riot.

Ron Rivera, Commanders’ head coach gave Del Rio a hard time and fined him $100,000. Del Rio also deleted his Twitter account since then, as he has done his penance. However, that is not enough for Keith Olbermann, an unhinged and useless leftist.

The pompous snob who could not make it at ESPN and MSNBC fired his arrows toward Del Rio in a profane tweet, suggesting that the NFL should “ban” Del Rio.


News flash for Olbermann. While nobody denies the events of Jan. 6, 2021, it is clear that there is still room in the democracy the left claims to be defending to discuss how serious the incident was. Olbermann and his ilk can also be criticized for de-emphasizing the 2020 riots, and the damage that was done in the name of leftism.

Jeff Fisher, a former NFL coach, has harsh words for Rivera, his fellow coach. Outkick heard him say that he was disappointed in Ron Rivera. He came out, and his statement was written by a speechwriter. It’s not true.”

He defended Del Rio and deplored the current corporate culture that rushes to make a statement in such situations. He also criticized the Commanders for their rapid response.

Fisher stated, “Take a deep breath and find the truth. Be truthful and honest. You can maximize the value of these stories that people have created. They’re not justified.”

We still have the right to free speech. No matter what the left attempts to make it disappear. Let’s be thankful that Keith Olbermann doesn’t have to decide who keeps a job since he has had so much trouble keeping one.

Stay strong coach Del Rio and never give up on your beliefs.