It Only Took Seconds For Bidens Press Conference To Be Laughable

The opening remarks of President Joe Biden’s first formal press conference for the year, Wednesday’s on Wednesday, quickly became absurd when he referred to his misinformed economic record.

Although the president boasted of record job creation and record economic growth during his presidency, he left out one detail.

A pandemic was created to stop the economy and force many people into unemployment.

The economy lost 9.37 million jobs in 2020. This was not due to Trump’s departure, but rather state and local Democrats as well as private companies who decided to shut down or scale back operations.

Jesse Lee, Senior Advisor for Communications at the National Economic Council, tweeted a White House graphic that attempted to blame the previous administration for the pandemic unemployment.

“Trump’s last Year: -9.4 Million Jobs… Biden’s First Year: +6.4 Million Jobs… This is the highest number of jobs lost in one calendar year and the largest number of jobs created in one calendar year. He tweeted his gratitude for Biden’s American Rescue Plan, and the competent vaccination effort that it funded.

It is no secret that the economy is slowly recovering (although inflation would love to be a word), but Biden should not take credit for this growth when it was nothing to do his policy and everything with the easing lockdowns.