Irish Senate Chair Urges ‘Four More Years’ of Biden as US President Speaks to Country’s Parliament

After the anti-British President addressed Ireland’s Parliament, the chair of the Senate of Ireland has called for Joe Biden to continue in office “for four more years”.

Jerry Buttimer is the chair of Ireland’s senate. He has asked for “four additional years” from President Joe Biden after the senior Democrat spoke to the nation’s parliament.

The four-day tour by the American leader to Ireland was warmly welcomed, but it has caused a stir in Britain and Northern Ireland. Both before and after Biden’s trip abroad, the President has been accused of being anti-British.

The commander-in-chief did not seem to be concerned about the potential damage that such an angry trip could cause to the future U.S. Foreign Policy on Thursday, as Biden was welcomed in the Irish Parliament with standing applause.

Addressing the President, the speaker of the parliament’s lower house, Seán Ó Fearghaíl, told Biden that he was “amongst friends” in the chamber as a fellow Irishman.

O Fearghail said, “You are one with us.”

The 46th President seemed to accept this sentiment, describing his Ireland trip as a homecoming for him.

He said “Tamise Abhaile” in the native language of the country. “I am at home.”

Biden continued to speak about various progressive issues, including climate change and the West’s struggle against “autocracy” in China and Russia. He also added that Ireland and the United States should stand together on an international stage.

He insisted that the United States would be Ireland’s “closest partner”, describing their relationship as “forever”.

Other foreign officials will not likely be impressed by his relatively uplifting and light speech.

The UK’s politicians have a special reason to feel cheated after the President refused to attend the King’s coronation next month despite his willingness to tour the country’s neighbor for five days.

Biden wasn’t the only one to burn bridges Thursday. The chair of the Irish Senate Jerry Buttimer openly expressed support for the re-election of the American President next year.

He quipped, “We could say ‘four years more’ Mr. President, but here we can’t get political.” “But thank you for your wonderful speech”.