Insider Emails Prove Efforts to Censor Tucker Carlson Came From the White House

Many conservatives have known for years that Facebook is censoring their voices. Thanks to a lawsuit brought in by the attorney’s generals from Missouri and Louisiana, this includes Tucker Carlson and Tomi Lahren being censored by conservative media figures.

Yesterday, I wrote:

Jeff Landry, the Louisiana Attorney General, discovered documents that showed that the government was involved with the closing down of discussions on the Covid pandemic. This is the most damning evidence yet of First Amendment violations.

These revelations were made through emails between Biden administration officials and Facebook employees. His March 15th, 2021 email had the subject “You are hiding your ball.” Flaherty claimed that Facebook promoted vaccine hesitancy. His email dated March 15, 2021, had the subject line “You are hiding your ball.” We are glad to see you’re trying. We are open to learning how we can assist. This would make things a lot simpler for everyone. ”

Rob Flaherty, then director of the digital strategy for the White House, wrote to Flaherty on April 14, 2021, complaining about a Tucker Carlson video discussing the dangers of blood clots with the J&JCOVID vaccine (see the emails below). If “reduction” is defined as “pumping our most vaccine-hesitant audiences with Tucker Carlson saying it doesn’t work”, then I don’t believe it’s reduction. ”

Facebook’s official replied, “Running the thing down now. ”

Slavitt joined an email thread and wrote: “Number one on Facebook. Sigh. Today is the big reveal call with FB & WH. “I haven’t made any progress since my last conversation. Sigh. ”

Evidently, Facebook didn’t respond fast enough to White House requests. Flaherty responded three hours later, “These questions were not rhetorical.”

An official at Facebook countered that Tucker’s post wasn’t the most liked on the platform. He cited posts about vaccines from CNN and the CDC. He explained that Tucker’s post was declassified and slapped a pointer at authoritative COVID data. ”

He stated, “Regardless of its popularity, Tucker Carlson’s video is not eligible to be removed under our policies.”

He stated, “Despite the fact the J&J vaccine had been “paused” by the government the day before, We now accept claims that Johnson and Johnson vaccines can cause blood clots.” “However, we don’t allow categoria claims about them or other vaccines being unsafe and ineffective. ”

Flaherty was frustrated at the decision not to remove the video from the website and emailed Flaherty once more at 11:20 on that night. “I suppose it’s a good example that your rules are being practiced then-and a great chance to dive into any questions as these are applied. ”

Flaherty asked Tucker, “How can Tucker’s video not be considered violative?” Flaherty demanded, “How could Tucker’s video be considered not violative?”

He said, “Not for nothing,” in a cryptic message to his iPhone. “But it was an uprising the last time we did this dance. ”

As I said at the top, Facebook has been slowing Facebook’s content down for more than a year. They used fake COVID facts checks to justify their censorship. We now know that the White House was involved in deciding which COVID information could be seen on Facebook. Joe Biden also ordered his top staffers not to listen to any criticisms, even from respected doctors. This dangerous move put all of us at risk.