Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Launches Verbal Assault on IRS Whistleblower, Putting Joe Biden in a Difficult Position

On Thursday, the smoking gun was revealed about Joe Biden being involved in his son’s foreign corruption. One of the IRS whistleblowers handed over a WhatsApp message during testimony before Congress, which showed Joe Biden sitting in the same room as his son when the two were trying to shakedown Chinese officials.

Here’s the context of what was said:

Hunter Biden: My father and I are sitting with you, and we’d like to know why the promise made was not kept. Tell the director I want to solve this issue now before it becomes a problem. This means tonight. If I receive a text or call from anyone other than Zhang or you, Z, I’ll make sure that the man next to me, and everyone he knows, will regret that you didn’t follow my directions. I’m waiting with my dad for the phone call.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer attacked the integrity of the IRS whistleblower by calling him a “very biased individual”. He also managed to paint Joe Biden in a corner.

You know his character if you have seen Hunter Biden’s lawyer on TV. I’ll just leave it there and focus on what’s in the statement. There’s plenty to criticize.

It is absurd to say, for example, that the investigation took so long simply because it was thorough. Five years seems like an eternity in a case where the final verdict was two misdemeanors for not filing taxes and pre-trial divert. Hunter Biden was in the DOJ’s sights for FARA violations and making false statements. On the laptop, we also found evidence of a number of other crimes, such as possible drug and sex trafficking charges. But none of this was included in the plea agreement.

It is not thoroughness that is to blame for the long duration of the investigation, but a deliberate and politically motivated delay. The investigation was also a complete sham. DOJ officials blocked charges in Delaware and two other states by not serving search warrants, tipped-off lawyers, or delivering search warrants.

Joe Biden is under pressure as a result of the next claim made by Hunter Biden’s lawyer. Hunter Biden’s lawyer claims that, because of his crack addiction, Hunter Biden lied to the police about the presence of his father in the room when the shakedown occurred. Joe Biden is left with a difficult choice if this is true (and I have serious doubts that it’s the case, given that the son of the president was at his Delaware residence on that particular day). Either he admits he was there, or he calls his son a lie. There is no third choice.

The idea that the IRS career agent who revealed this information to Congress was a “very bias individual” is not supported by any evidence I am aware of. At least one of these two whistleblowers, who is a registered Democrat, has come forward. These are not people who were unable to do their job because of corruption, but rather, they saw it unfold and reached a breaking point. Who can blame them? If I had to choose between Hunter Biden, his lawyer, and the two whistleblowers in a contest of integrity, I would take the latter any day.