Geraldo and ‘The Five’ Finally Parting Ways

“The Five” has been one of Fox’s most popular shows. However, Fox as a whole has suffered a huge drop in ratings ever since they parted with Tucker Carlson. This was an incredibly bad decision.

There is one move that has just occurred that most viewers will approve of — the parting with Geraldo Rivera.

Last month, I wrote about Geraldo’s complaint that his appearances on ‘The Five’ was canceled. It looked like he might be next. The relationship between Geraldo and host Greg Gutfeld was also not going well. Gutfeld had publicly lost patience with him before.

Last year, he called Gutfeld “an arrogant little punk”. I’m amazed he’s survived as long as he did.

Rivera was known for saying things that were not just unpopular politically, but also wrong.

Geraldo, yes, many people do believe that, especially with all the information coming out.

Geraldo’s claim that the “AR” in AR-15 stands for “assault weapon” was so outrageous, he even appeared to be saying this gun is a machine gun.

He was then a little busted after he claimed they were “substitute limbs.”

How can you call yourself a journalist but get so many facts wrong?

Geraldo tweeted Wednesday that it is now “official.”

It’s official. I’m leaving @TheFive. My last scheduled appearances will be on Thursday and Friday June 29th-30th. It was a wonderful run, and I’m grateful to have had the chance. It’s not always easy to be the odd man out.”

Rivera stated, “For now, I am still Correspondent At Large” for Fox. He doesn’t seem to think that this will last either.

Rivera said that he had quit but was unsure of his next move.

He told the Associated Press that it had been a rocky road, but also an exciting adventure. It lasted for several years. He told the Associated Press on Wednesday that he was suspended several times and had even spoken about his appearances being canceled back in May. He claimed that he was 80 and the show “was too intimate and personal.”

He said that there was a growing tension, which went beyond differences in editorials and personal irritations. “It is not worth it for me.”

Geraldo’s show is over. I have no idea what Geraldo has to offer. He said some things that were embarrassing, such as the AR-15 comment. If that was his intention, he doesn’t do a very good job of defending the liberal side. He just talks, sometimes without understanding what he is saying.

Greg Gutfeld must be ecstatic about this decision since it was a clearly fractious situation.

This was a common thought.

Goodbye, Geraldo.