How Your Tax Dollars Fund Global Transgender Advocacy Under the Biden Administration?

Why does the Biden administration seem so obsessed with transgender fantasy and delusion? It is not only promoting “Pride”, but also sending tax dollars overseas to ensure that young Ecuadorians get their fair share of drag queens and so that Polish boys decide that they are really girls. Imagine what George Washington or John Adams would think of this. Is this what we should spend the money that they left us to build a republic on?

Washington Free Beacon reported on Friday that the Biden administration had given “nearly $4.6 million” to foreign groups to promote LGBTQ projects such as drag shows and pride marches. This money came from hardworking Americans who worked long hours and often in physically demanding jobs to provide for their family, and then dutifully paid a large percentage of their income to the U.S. Government, which decided to use it for corruption and sexualizing children in other nations. It’s a sad state of affairs, but it will only get worse.

The Biden regime seems to be unrelentingly committed to spreading madness and depravity all over the world. Your tax dollars, according to The Free Beacon, have helped organize pride parades and drag queen shows all over the world. They also funded a Polish advocacy organization that promotes puberty blocking for children who are gender confused, as well as a Mexican group that sells cross-sex hormonal products to gender-confused people.

Your money also went to teach gender studies in war-torn countries like Iraq. American taxpayers paid for Pride Month celebrations in Australia, Estonia, and Slovenia in 2023.

The Free Beacon reports that the State Department has given $12,408 in funding to a Polish group “that offers ‘toolkits,’ which help teachers promote gender ideologies at school.”

It is not surprising that you paid for propaganda as well: Your tax dollars funded “LGBT art and film festivals in Australia, Spain and Italy, Australia, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. In 2022, taxpayer money of $32,000 was given to a Peruvian group so that it could produce an LGBT comic. Another $25,000 was awarded to a Thai group that promotes ‘digital sympathy’ for the LGBT Community.” “And in Colombia, Liberia, and Slovakia, the United States allocated thousands of dollars throughout 2022 to organizations working to eliminate negative coverage about the LGBT Community. In South Korea, Poland, and India, the State Department sponsored LGBT film festivals and arts.

According to the federal government spending database, since 2021 the Biden administration funded at least 85 separate LGBT advocacy programs in 55 countries. Budgets ranged from $5,000 to over $1.5 million.

Can anyone blame those people for believing that the United States has the power to destroy families and individuals? The regime is not content with spreading only LGBTQWTF or trans propaganda. “The administration has also allocated millions of dollars to combat climate change in different countries.”

Biden’s handlers assume, as is natural, that they are doing something wonderful. State Department officials insist that the money will create “a safer world and a more prosperous one for everyone.” However, they did not explain how paying drag queens or for the sexual mutilation of children would make anyone more prosperous. It’s possible that, given the backlash against the Left and their insane cultural agendas, these programs will actually make us less secure, as well as less prosperous.

Terry Schilling, of the American Principles Project, explains the reason: “The Biden Administration’s focus is forcing foreign nations to embrace China for aid, rather than submit themselves to radical left-wing ideology.” This is common sense. Which one would a sane individual choose if China offered money to build schools, roads, and hospitals and the U.S. offered the same but insisted that drag queens, transgender people, and other nonsense be included?

Why does it appear that the Biden administration will adopt any policy which will weaken America?