Florida’s Ruthless Crackdown on Illegal Alien Profiteers Sends Shockwaves through the Nation

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has just signed several bills that will make him literally Hitler. Over 200 laws came into effect this weekend. SB 1718 “An Act relating to Immigration” is one of the most beautiful laws. It improves the safety and security of all: citizens, residents, and illegal aliens exploited. It affirms the fundamental law and order. It puts America first (specifically Florida because DeSantis doesn’t try to tell other states how to act). It’s so common sense and law-abiding that it makes you almost weep at how far our standards have fallen. Take a look at the website of the governor to see what the new laws do. The act:

Employers are required to use E Verify to verify the employment eligibility of their employees. They can be fined $1,000 per day if they fail to do so.

Employers who hire illegal aliens are subject to suspension of their licenses. Using a fake identification card to get a job is a crime.

Increased penalties for human trafficking, including making the knowingly transporting of five or more illegal immigrants or one illegal alien minor to be a second-degree felony punishable by a fine up to $10,000 and up to fifteen years in prison.

The Unauthorized Alien Transportation Program will continue to receive $12 million in funding to help relocate illegal immigrants into sanctuary jurisdictions.

Local governments and non-profit organizations are prohibited from issuing identification papers to illegal immigrants. All out-of-state licenses issued to illegal aliens will be invalidated.

Hospitals are required to collect and report the costs of healthcare for illegal aliens.

The Left is unable to comprehend such moral clarity, and lamestream media are already awash with sob stories of unfortunate foreigners who have made bad choices.

USA Today profiled a 59-year-old grandmother living illegally in Florida. She must choose whether to stay and face legal troubles or leave behind her home and U.S. citizens’ descendants. CBS tells the story of Aguilar who, after “falling off a truck on the job and being bedridden for two weeks with a back injury, was afraid to go to a doctor for fear she would be deported. (This is not what happens to foreign nationals seeking medical help or assistance from law enforcement). Aguilar vows to bring her son, an American citizen by birth, with her when she leaves. NBC News reports that David Guerra and his family left Florida in May, leaving behind mattresses, furniture, construction tools, beds, etc. When he considers his children’s toys, his voice breaks.

These stories are all horrifying, but they were all predictable. They were lured to America by corrupt Democrats, and then exploited by businesses for cheap labor. These people have lived here for most of their lives and are shocked when America’s Immigration laws are finally enforced. The system is crumbling as Joe Biden, Big Left, and other radicals are bringing in an utterly ridiculous number of unvetted, unskilled immigrants. Some states have taken action to protect themselves. Who can blame them?

Florida’s new laws do not punish illegal aliens, but those who benefit from them. This distinction seems to have been lost by both the activists and the undocumented residents.

Big Media pretends to be concerned about Florida’s welfare. NBC estimates just under a quarter, or 26% of the workforce in Florida, lives there illegally. The Florida Policy Institute stated that the legislation could hurt Florida’s economy by $12.6 billion over a year. The outlet reports that 391,000 undocumented employees work in six industries including agriculture, construction, and services. This is about 10% of the workers employed by these sectors. USA Today warns: “Critics are worried that it could lead to a shortage of workers, which would affect the home construction, tourism, and crop harvests.” Some business owners claim they already struggle to find workers.

What will happen then? There will probably be some labor shortages for a time in the Sunshine State. Certain things will be more expensive. Maybe a new resident worker’s permit will be introduced.

Florida will eventually adapt and adjust. Florida will eventually be able to pay its workers more as the market catches up. Gangs, drugs, and lawlessness will likely decrease, as well as the costs of uninsured property and medical damages. Elections could also be more secure.

This is why the Left fights so hard to prevent Republicans from enacting a good policy. They know that, when left to their own devices, these laws will produce positive results. The voters may realize that Democrats lied to them about the horrors that they had been expecting. The Left might start to wonder what else they have lied about. SB 1718 is a serious threat to Democrat political power. Expect a lot of wailing, gnashing teeth, and screams as it takes effect.