How The White House Responded to Dead National Guardsman on the Border is Sickening

Although Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter dominates the news, a sad story from Texas has been largely overlooked by mainstream media. Conservative news sites have reported on the drowning death of Texas National Guardsman Bishop E. Evans.

Evans jumped into the Rio Grande to rescue two illegal immigrants. Since then, reports have surfaced that the two were drug smugglers. Evans, despite their identities, acted heroically, risking his life to save others. It is amazing to see this kind of selfless sacrifice.

On the other hand, Evans was never meant to be in this position. The current border crisis was caused by and exacerbated by the Biden administration. With its recent push for Title 42 to be repealed (thankfully, it was halted by a federal Judge), the future looks even worse.

You would hope that the White House would accept some responsibility for Evans’ death, and maybe even promise to make changes. Jen Psaki instead gave a response that will make you itch.

That clip shocked me the first time I saw it. Yes, the president and his staff are cowards who refuse to admit that their policies have caused people to be killed. The White House should have avoided trying to blame Texas for Evans’ death and instead danced around the issue. Psaki also tries to blame other elected officials who have not worked with Biden on the border fix, which is a complete lie. Republicans, and even some Democrats, have repeatedly pressed for increased funding for border security. The administration has refused to cooperate with them.

This kind of indifference is akin to evil. This crosses many lines and tells you what Joe Biden is like and what kind of people he hires. It’s not acceptable for the White House when given the chance, to assume zero responsibility for Evans’ death.

Who controls the border? The federal government is responsible for the border, not Texas. There are no National Guard units at the border because the Biden administration has made it so chaotic that the Border Patrol is overwhelmed. Evans’ death is therefore not the fault of Greg Abbott. Greg Abbott is not responsible for trying to protect his neighbors. This disaster was actually caused by the Biden administration.

It is becoming more difficult to see figures such as the president and Psaki and other officials of the administration become more tolerant towards the loss of life at the border. This is not a game. These are real people, with real families. Their deaths can be prevented. This is not just about Americans. It’s a tragedy that illegal immigrants are dying trying to make the journey they were urged to by the Biden administration. But the left doesn’t seem to care. They don’t live near border communities and see illegal immigrants as political pawns. It is truly disgusting.