How Did Gen Z React to Biden’s Shirtless Beach Photos?

Joe Biden, as we reported previously, is on vacation once again. The president has returned to Rehobeth Beach after spending several days at the seaside a few weeks ago.

Biden spent around 40% of his time as president on leisure trips. Many were to his Delaware Beach House where he would disappear for days. But don’t doubt his work ethic. Biden’s handlers are quick to claim that his schedule is just as demanding as any president ever. They’ll say it’s true even though it’s not.

It didn’t take long for the president to make headlines in the most bizarre way possible. Biden was photographed shirtless on the beach. But it wasn’t just the photo that made the news. It was more the reactions from his Gen Z influencer team.

These captions are… something.

Harry Sisson insists on calling the photo above “cool” because he’s wearing aviators. His hat is also backward! His hat is also backward!

Victor Shi, another of the most insufferable Biden influences, shared Sisson’s enthusiasm, declaring that “dark Brandon,” has “come alive,” and that, for an 80-year-old, he is “cool.” Jack Cocchiarella said that Biden might win Florida if he keeps turning his hat backward.

Remember that these guys are in their 20s at most and they are so excited to see a shirtless old man. Isn’t that a bit creepy? I don’t mean to suggest anything bad. I’m suggesting Sisson and the rest of his crew go outside for a few minutes to get some fresh air.

How did you get a picture that went viral? It’s about self-awareness. Biden may not have had any in a while, but his public appearances are a testament to his mental health. Have you ever seen Donald Trump run around the beach shirtless while he was president? He knew that it was not the best look for him. Moreover, it is important to note how presidents are perceived, however unfair this may sometimes seem.

Biden isn’t concerned about these things, because the presidency for him is just a symbol of status. It’s about achieving results and helping people. It’s all about getting his name into history and living a high-class life on taxpayer dime. There’s a good reason why he kept running for office before he finally won against a field that was led by Bernie Sanders.

If you’re talking to Gen Z influencers again, I suggest that they take a short break. You can easily get caught up in politics and hyperventilate over a shirtless Joe Biden.