Estranged Wife of Gilgo Beach Suspect Breaks Silence

Rex Heuermann’s estranged wife, Asa Ellerup, finally broke her silence about her ex’s arrest on Friday. She said she was suffering from trauma and depression as a result.

The New York Post reported that Ellerup had been seen outside their home in Massapequa Park for the second day in a row after investigators conducted a thorough search.

“If you want to take pictures, go ahead. I’m OK with it now,” she said to reporters, according to an article put out by the Daily Mail. “If you want to stand up here and wait for something. I have a lot of work to do.”

“The sheer depression of what I saw was enough trauma,” Ellerup went on to add. However, it wasn’t made immediately clear what she was referring to. When a reporter asked her on Friday if she would be interested in a GoFundMe page that one of her friends was reportedly attempting to set up for her, she replied, “Yeah … it would be very helpful.”

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Ellerup spent the whole afternoon on her porch wearing the same blue jeans and green shirt she wore the day before when she yelled at journalists and switched off a camera.

At one point, Ellerup’s two children, Victoria Heuermann (26), and Christopher Sheridan (33) joined her on the porch. Macedonio & Duncan, LLP, the firm representing Ellerup in the divorce, said last week that she and her family were “going through a devastating time in their lives.”

The Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed that Ellerup and her children have not visited Heuermann in the two weeks following his arrest.

The family showed up at the home after detectives finished a full-scale search of the property earlier in the week. The authorities, who referred to the search as “fruitful,” uncovered a huge walk-in vault on the property. It’s terrifying to think of what might be in that space. The imagination runs wild with the possibilities.

Heuermann, who was arrested for the deaths of Amber Lynn Costello (27), Megan Waterman (22), and Melissa Barthelemy (24), on July 13, 2009. The bodies were discovered along Gilgo Beach, in 2003.

Heuermann was also investigated in connection with the death of Maureen Brainard Barnes (25). Her body was discovered along the same stretch of beach as those of the other victims.

The Post published an article a few days back that claimed Heuermann had scared many of his ex-students. He was described as an awkward loner who was frequently picked on.

“I was afraid of him. John Parisi, who graduated from Berner High School, told The New York Times the murder suspect could harm you if he snapped.

“He was disillusioned and he was misguided. You had to be very careful,” Parisi went on to say, adding later in the interview that the tall, lanky teenager was “everybody’s punching bag.”

He was abused quite a lot. Parisi, who wrote the report, said that he saw him “pushed to their limits”.

Parisi recalled a time when the alleged serial killer was cruelly bullied by his classmates in sixth grade. The bullying stopped after a teacher intervened. Heuermann was still ridiculed by kids until high school.

Heuermann was also referred to as a “recluse” who was “very quiet” by fellow classmate Don Ophals.

Could this all have contributed to turning the young boy from a meek child into a monster who craves blood? This is a fact. Many serial killers are driven by a need for control and dominance, due primarily to childhood traumas that robbed them of these feelings.

A serial killer’s insecurities can lead to him not being able to fulfill his sexual needs.

Heuermann was bullied severely in school, and he lacked a mentor who could guide him through these hardships. This contributed to the twisted crimes he committed in his later years.