Here’s a List of What That Speaker ‘Agreement’ Allegedly Involves

We reported earlier that a lot of people who were against Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R.CA) as Speaker of the House changed their votes to support him.

When asked why they flipped, the people using the same language indicated that they believed they had negotiated in good will and that there was a framework in place for an agreement. So they voted for McCarthy believing that progress was continuing. Below is a sampling of what they were saying from Rep. Scott Perry (R.PA).

Bishop stated that the central details of the framework are well-known. This framework contains a lot of details. It has been very difficult to ensure it is possible, that it has teeth, and that it is well understood.”

CNN listed some of the “concessions”.

You know it’s CNN, because they call “concessions” good things. When the points add up to a lot, the American people are able to see that. It’s CNN so we don’t know if the list is correct or complete. However, it fits with some of our previous hearings.

They include allowing only one member to vote against the Speaker, and creating a Church Committee that will investigate the “weaponization” of the government.

These two items are essential, but there are many other important ones, such as moving individual appropriations bills. What is more important than the absurd omnibus stuff that no one ever reads? Spending caps and debt ceiling increases tied with spending cuts. It’s all good. What more could you ask for? You bet.

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R.FL) also posted this. It basically matches the CNN list, but expressed differently except for the “Texas Border” part and the ending of funding on COVID mandates.

Of course, the big question is: What guarantee can you give that a “framework”, in the end, will be upheld? Do they vote them into the rules immediately?

Six holdouts remain, so McCarthy must pick up two (depending on who’s present at the time).

Another possibility is that they won’t vote “yes” but vote “present”. This equals “non voting” and lowers McCarthy’s required number to win, but doesn’t give McCarthy a “yes.” I believe they hope to break away Crane or Rosendale and vote at least “present.”

We’ll just have to wait and see how the vote goes.