Heartbreaking Decision: UK Judges Uphold Mandate to Withdraw Life Support for Baby Indi

In the United Kingdom, judges have intensified their efforts to remove a terminally ill infant from life support rather than allow parents to seek treatment in the Vatican.

Justice Robert Peel ruled on Wednesday that Indi Gregory (an 8-month-old baby girl) would be removed from her ventilator by Thursday to save her. Both parents were against this decision. It was decided to deny the appeal.

“Claire and I are disgusted by yet another biased decision made by the Trust and Judges. According to Father Dean Gregory, Christian Concern is the legal counsel for this case. “The whole world is watching and shocked at how we have been treated.”

The courts have denied Dean Gregory and Claire Gregory the right to appeal on Friday.

All senior UK judges including Lord Justice Andrew Moylan, Lady Justice Eleanor King, and Lord Justice Peter Jackson of the Court of Appeals refused to hear the appeal. The judges ruled that both the Italian and Vatican governments had done “wholly the wrong thing” by trying to place the sick child in custody.

In order to keep Indi alive, the Italian government granted her citizenship so she could continue receiving treatment in Italy.

Indi Gregory, born in February of this year, is suffering from mitochondrial degenerative diseases which are likely to end her life.

In collaboration with the Italian government, the Vatican prepared resources for Indi to continue treatment at Bambino Gesu Rome.

“Claire & I have always done what is in Indi’s best interest. “The father of the child stated, “She had human rights and I was determined to ensure she received the best treatment possible.” “If the UK did not want to fund this, why can’t the child go to Italy and receive the care and treatment that the amazing Italian PM has offered?”

He said: “This feels as if we’ve been kicked in the face again and we will not give up until she has a chance of survival. ”

Giorgia Mello, the Italian prime minister, who granted citizenship to Indi in the past and has aggressively fought for her transfer, is said to be in touch with the Lord Chancellor, UK, encouraging international collaboration.

Giorgia Meloni, the Italian prime minister, wrote on social media this week: “They said that there was not much hope left for Indi, but I will protect her and defend her parents’ right to do what they can for Indi.”

According to Christian Concern’s report, Matteo Corradini, the Italian consul in London ordered that the UK cede its jurisdiction to Indi’s Italian guardian due to “imminent danger to Indi’s life”.