Harris. Completely Dumbstruck on World Stage

The White House decided to send Kamala Harris to Europe in response to Russia’s invasion. It’s not like Joe Biden should expect to do his job. And apparently, the administration was pleased with Harris’ disastrous overseas trip, which resulted in Putin entering Ukraine just a day after Harris declared how effective US sanctions were.

Harris was sent to Romania and Poland to accomplish something (really, I don’t know what this trip is doing), but things have not gone as planned. Today, the vice president was still unable to speak and walked around talking about a simple question while she stood next to the Romanian president.

To be fair to the vice-president, the RNC’s video clip cuts out the reporter’s first question which was addressed specifically to President Iohannis. The reporter expected Harris to answer the question about inflation and gas prices.

Harris seemed to be unable to answer the question, and instead of answering it, Iohannis motioned for Harris to speak. Then, she continued to talk for several minutes about the Black Sea and the discussions with Romania in a slow-paced manner that was not related to the question she was asked.

She then went into another “dog ate all my homework” moment. This is an all-too-common Harris occurrence. Harris tried to sound profound but stated that there was a cost to democracy.

This is what it looked like. Townhall’s video picks up where the RNC left off.


Harris is known for being unprepared when she speaks in public. This was evident again with Harris’s speech.

Harris spoke at times as though she was talking to herself in circles, just to get the time. After her thoughts about the Black Sea, about which she was not asked, she went on to rant about loyalty to friends and the cost of sharing values. She didn’t provide any substantive information on inflation, again which was her question.

She made it sound like she was trying to convince Americans to accept the failures of the government to avoid being labeled disloyal to democracy. Americans don’t want more high-minded speeches from impersonal politicians. They want real answers. Harris just keeps blaring more cowbell.

Harris speaks in public every time I see it. I am left wondering what the PR company she hired was being paid for. Is there any preparation she is doing before major events like this? Are her advisors available to ensure she knows the right answer to questions such as those about inflation? Is she just terrible at answering questions that aren’t in line with her answers? It doesn’t matter what the reason is, it’s shameful that she was sent to oversee America’s foreign policies, particularly in this current climate, where mistakes can have serious consequences.

Joe Biden would be doing a better job. Although it is unlikely, is it unreasonable to expect the president to be the president? Biden skipped the two most recent major foreign policy visits to Europe. Does the Russian aggression not seem to be a big deal for the administration? You could even suggest that he isn’t physically able to do his job. But I digress. It is absurd to send Harris as the voice of America against a Russian invasion in Europe. While I can understand that Democrats would like Harris to be able to claim that she has real-world experience in foreign policy, this is not the time to train on the job. These are high stakes.