Harmony Montgomery: Extended Family of Missing Girl Not Expecting Good Outcome as Feds Search Home

According to the state attorney general, police returned Tuesday to Harmony Montgomery’s former New Hampshire home as part of a long-running search for her whereabouts. Her extended family was prepared for the worst.

Authorities removed evidence including a refrigerator from a Manchester home where Adam Montgomery and Kayla Montgomery, her stepmother, lived.

Officials have told us that Jamison’s reunion with Harmony will not be successful. We have always believed that Jamison, Harmony, and all of Harmony could be reunited. But today, that hope feels like it’s being taken away, especially Jamison.

A spokesperson for the state attorney General’s office stated Tuesday evening that investigators will remain on the scene until the evening, but cautioned against any speculation about items being removed.

He said that authorities would not reveal details about the evidence they had found in order to “protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation.”

He said that the search for Harmony is continuing and that law enforcement still needs public assistance to locate her. “If you have any information, please text or call the 24-hour tip line dedicated to Harmony Montgomery’s rescue at 603-203-6060.”

=Johnathon and Blair Miller started fostering Harmony’s brother Jamison back in June 2019, and legally adopted him in November. Although they offered to adopt Harmony on numerous occasions, they were not granted the chance to do so.

Kevin Montgomery, the uncle of Adam Montgomery, had made allegations of child abuse to investigators. He has since moved out and said that he was not aware of any developments.

In a joint statement Tuesday, New Hampshire Attorney General John Formella and Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg, U.S. Enoch Willard, Marshal, and Joseph Bonavolonta, FBI Boston’s Special Agent In Charge, said that an interagency team would return home to Harmony’s house, where she had lived before her disappearance in Manchester.

According to law enforcement officials, “644 Union Street is the focus of the investigation because it is a place where Adam and Kayla Montgomery once lived.” Police have searched another address that is linked to the family before, 77 Gilford Street.

Authorities said that they weren’t ready to disclose any additional information.

Officials asked for the privacy of current residents. They also thanked the neighbors who waited to help them as they inspected the house. After authorities were seen taking a refrigerator out of the apartment and searching underneath a drainage grate, they asked that the public refrain from speculation about the investigation.

Fox News Digital host Nancy Grace said Tuesday that it was never a good idea when a fridge is taken during a search for a little girl. In this case, Harmony Montgomery, 8, was seized. “She is precious, only 4 feet tall, 50 pounds… This sweet girl battled to overcome the blindness in her right eye. She wore glasses almost every day. But that’s not all.

She stated that the developments reminded her of previous cases.

She said, “I pray now to the fridge that it never held her tiny body.”

Anybody with information about the case should call the dedicated tip line at 603-203-6060.

Harmony, now 8 years old, went missing in 2019 from her father’s custody. However, a missing person report was not filed until late last season when Harmony’s noncustodial mom discovered that she had never been registered for school in her father’s hometown.

Adam Montgomery, the father of the child, is being held without bail in January for child abuse and other related charges. Kayla Montgomery, Harmony’s estranged wife, was charged with fraud and various other charges. She allegedly collected food stamps in Harmony’s name for several months after last seeing her, and then again for lying before the grand jury.

Adam Montgomery, a violent ex-con, and drug addict claimed that Harmony was his last sighting after he gave her over to Crystal Sorey around Thanksgiving 2019. Police have since dismissed this story as untrue. He was charged with child abuse after allegedly giving Harmony a black eye just before she disappeared. He is also accused of obstruction to investigators who continue their search for the missing child.

Sorey did not immediately respond to messages.

The Massachusetts court granted him custody of the girl, despite his criminal history. This prompted a state review. New Hampshire officials have called for reforms.