Gov’s Statement Exposes Biden’s Alleged Hypocrisy and Targeting of Medicare Advantage

Joe Biden falsely attacked Republicans by claiming that they want to reduce Social Security and Medicare.

It’s a lie he has repeated repeatedly, even at his State of the Union address. He was also called out by Republicans, including Rep. Majorie Greene, who called him a liar.

Twitter even posted a Community Note exposing his lies about Republicans.

His remarks are truly distasteful and hypocritical because he lies about Republicans. He is also the one who targets Medicare by targeting Medicare Advantage.

Last month I wrote that 48 percent of Americans eligible for Medicare have Medicare Advantage. So what he is doing could be detrimental to a lot of Americans.

First, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced that they would “claw back $4.7 billion in overpayments from 2023 to 2032”. This could lead to higher costs for plans, which could lead to some insurers pulling out of the market. Beneficiaries could also face increased costs, fewer options, or reduced supplemental benefits under Medicare Advantage, according to an Avalere analysis.

The second, and even more alarming, move would see Medicare Advantage insurances face an average 2.3 percent cut in baseline payments by 2024. This was stated Wednesday by Biden’s CMS. This would represent a net loss of more than $3B for the industry.

Pedro Pierluisi (a member of New Progressives), is now very upset. El Nuevo Dia reports that he informed the Biden administration of his initial plan to regulate 2024 Medicare Benefit reimbursements. This would result in a decrease of $800,000,000 annually in payments to these plans. Pierluisi also called Secretary Xavier Becerra asking him to stop changes in Medicare Advantage plan reimbursements.

The Senate has voted to urge the Biden administration to not attack Medicare Advantage but to “continue strengthening [it]”.

Biden ignores the people he would hurt in Puerto Rico as well as across the nation. Extrapolate this to see how much harm the Biden administration’s plans could cause in Puerto Rico. The Republicans are the worst. Biden is completely shameless.