Former Trump Official Initiates Campaign to Recruit DeSantis for Presidential Run

Ken Cuccinelli is a former president Donald Trump’s advisor and advocates for Florida governor. Ron DeSantis is preparing to run for the White House and building a support base to make that possible presidential run a success.

To achieve these goals, Cuccinelli created the Never Back Down PAC. Cuccinelli was previously acting secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, and acting director of U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

According to a press release, Cuccinelli stated that “I have spoken to many grassroots conservative activists across the country who are very excited for Governor DeSantis t run for president in 2024.” “The energy is there. The Governor is seen by grassroots conservatives as a leader, a fighter with a winning track record, and who will lead Republican Party to victory in 2024. These conversations have convinced me that we can build a grassroots political army to support Governor DeSantis’s bid for the White House.

Cuccinelli stated in a video that he was proud to work for Trump. However, he said that DeSantis is “the best leader” in America right now. He also added that, if DeSantis wins the White House bid, “we get eight years of a great President, not just four.”

DeSantis could challenge former President Donald Trump to the GOP nomination for the presidency since Trump has already stated that he will be running again.

According to the super-PAC, “In addition to Cuccinelli and NEVER BACK DOWN, PAC will also be led by Executive Director Chris Jankowski,”