Glenn Beck Says A Pulitzer Should Be Won for Breaking Open Ohio Illegal Alien Pedophile Scandal

I will not lie. Yesterday was not a great one. The left pointed both barrels at me for asking the media to investigate a story about an undocumented alien who raped a 10-year-old girl in Ohio. This resulted in an abortion that was illegal across state lines. I was then told to kill myself and to delete my account by hundreds of trolls who want revenge against anyone who does not believe the media narrative.

Before I started to question whether the story was true or not — due to poor reporting and the political consequences of its viral nature — Repeater Media did not investigate the possibility that a 10-year-old child had an abortion in Ohio. The Ohio law would have allowed her to have the procedure as an exception in an emergency. This is in direct contradiction to the claims of the Indianapolis Star.

It’s possible that we didn’t know that an illegal alien from Guatemala had raped a woman and caused the birth of a baby.

Breaking: Video of Wednesday morning’s arraignment hearing for Gerson Fuentes, the 27-year-old man who confessed to raping a 10-year-old Ohio girl believed to be at the center of a viral abortion story.

It was a blessing that this happened.

Things started to improve after a day of being attacked by a leftist mob that celebrated the kidnapping and rape of a child.

Ann Coulter publicly thanked me for forcing the media to admit that the child had been raped and abused by an illegal alien.

I received encouraging messages from her that I will frame and hang on my wall. We are winning. The attacks have slowed this morning, and the focus is shifting back to where it belongs: Who allowed the Bad Hombre to enter America and why do leftists celebrate the rape of a child in order to own the GOP?

Glenn Beck approached me this morning to invite me to his radio show. He said that if I didn’t ask reasonable questions about the credibility and validity of an abortion activist story, this rapist could still roam around Ohio preying on children.

My investigation is ongoing and I will not stop.

Today is a day when I miss Rush Limbaugh even more. However, I am happy to see that the conservative media giants have declared war.

These leftist attacks on each other are not worth the effort. Do they want to see someone in jail for such crimes?

I did, and I have the receipts. I don’t care what anyone thinks about how I got there.

Come at me, bro. Iā€™m not going anywhere.