Abortionist Caitlin Bernard Under Investigation by Indiana University and Attorney General of Indiana

Angela Ganote, a Fox reporter, obtained a copy of the mandatory termination report on pregnancy and the mandated report on child abuse that Bernard filed in Indiana. The Indiana Department of Child Services denied us these reports earlier today with an explanation that the reports were confidential. Fox received a copy of the mandatory termination of pregnancy report and mandated reporters of child abuse filed by Bernard in Indiana. It is still under legal review.

Original report:

Dr. Caitlin Bern, who alerted media to the 10-year-old girl who was raped by Ohio to lobby against Republican abortion restrictions laws, now faces at least two investigations. Fox News reported that Indiana University is investigating her in relation to HIPAA violations.

Fox News’s Aishah Hasnie reported on Indy Star that it was being questioned by reporters for not reporting enough because they “cited only an account from the Indiana doctor [Caitlin Bernard]” who cared for the girl. Hasnie also stated that Bernard was “at an abortion rights rally discussing” the rape. She reported that Bernard’s employer, Indiana U, had filed a HIPAA violation for sharing information about the young patient.

We tried to reach Indiana University for clarification and confirmation of the investigation, but they did not respond to our request at the time we published it.

On Wednesday night, Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita appeared on Fox News’ “Primetime”, with Jesse Watters, and announced that he will also be conducting an investigation into Bernard.

Rokita stated that Rokita had identified Rokita as an abortion activist who is acting as a doctor and has a history of failing reports. We are collecting the information, the evidence is being gathered as we speak. We will fight this to the last, including taking a look at her licensure, even if she fails to report. It is illegal in Indiana to not report.

Multiple requests were made to Bernard for this report. She refused to reply. We also made FOIA requests to the Indiana Department of Child Services and the Indiana Health Department to obtain the report. None of our FOIA requests has been answered.

Indiana Right to Life accused Bernard of failing to report the 2018 abortions on minor girls. Because authorities use these reports to determine whether the girls under 18 were victims of abuse, law enforcement is able to use them. Law enforcement cannot follow up on potential crimes against minors who seek abortions without these reports from abortionists.

We also requested information from the Indiana Attorney General’s Office via FOIA. This was in response to failure-to-report allegations that were sent to them. Nobody has yet to respond.