Fulton County Clerk’s ‘Mistake’ Leaves Questions Unanswered

The Fulton County Clerk of Court issued a lengthy statement on Tuesday to try and explain why they posted a document on their website that was said to be fictitious but showed criminal charges open against Donald Trump. This was several hours before the Special Grand Jury had completed its deliberations. The document was sent to the media queue accidentally because it did have a clerk stamp.

This may be true, but it raises questions about why Alexander did not use fake names and how he chose which charges to include on the “fictitious Docket Sheet”, which included both a case number and a judge.

Tom Jones, a local journalist, interviewed Alexander. She made her look even worse while trying to gain sympathy. She claims that she was human and accidentally clicked on “send” instead of “save”, which is “how the mishap happened.”

We’ve all made mistakes with computers. While a perfectionist may be frustrated, they would know what to do in the event of a serious indictment. The perfectionist will have thought about the negative consequences of writing down the name of the defendant as well as the charges.

Jones didn’t publish the whole interview. Jones narrated parts of the interview and then cut away to Alexander. It is difficult to know what was taken out of context. If additional commentary wasn’t included, it might make Alexander look even worse.

Alexander told Jones that Jones didn’t have much of a stake in the fight.

The work sample I saved was sent to press. This was not a formal document.

She asked: “Why do you use the word fictitious?”

I couldn’t think of any other word. The story was fictitious. The story was fictitious. This item was not stamped.

Do you want more transparency? You have nothing to conceal.

Alexander, the only employee with access to this data, was able to confirm that everyone else had it. Is it available to everyone? Why did she seem so certain that an indictment would occur?