Former Trump Advisor Says, The U.S. Must Wage Economic Warfare Against China

It is essential that the United States end its dependence on Chinese products and wage economic war against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). But most importantly, it must identify and stop CCP infiltration into America and its institutions, including The White House. Anthony Shaffer, a former CIA-trained intelligence officer, and Donald Trump campaign national security adviser shared this message with the New Federal State of China, (NFSC), at the 2023 Conservative Political Action Conference. In 2020, Steve Bannon and Guo Wengui, a Chinese billionaire exile, founded the New Federal State of China with the mission to take down the CCP.

Shaffer spoke to NFSC at CPAC about a method of infiltration that has been going on for decades. So we know, the United States knows since the ’80s that something was happening. In the 1980s, Shaffer explained how the US has been tracking a method of infiltration known as ‘cadre children’. Since then, the Chinese Communist Party has sent their children here to study in our system. Shaffer said that we must first identify the source of these illegal immigrants. Fox News China expert Gordon Chang warned recently that CCP plants were among illegal aliens flooding the southern U.S. borders.

Shaffer said that although he did not want to “ruin peoples’ meals”, CCP spy operations could hide behind something as benign and Chinese restaurants. He revealed that some Chinese restaurants in the country are intelligence collection points for China’s intelligence service. Recently, a CCP police station in the United States that operated out of a Chinese restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland was discovered and closed down. According to Shaffer, evidence has been presented that this situation is not exclusive to Europe.

Shaffer said, “We must educate people about this fact.” “Most important, the institutions of the United States government, including the White House, Hunter Biden, and Joe Biden were paid millions of dollars to defer to China. Because they were bought, I believe that is why we get such weak responses from Biden’s White House. It’s just what I am stating.”

Shaffer’s accusation is likely to refer to the evidence of numerous compromising deals that the Biden family has made with China. One of these was Hunter Biden’s multi-million-dollar deal with a Chinese firm (all Chinese companies are subject to the CCP’s surveillance and accountability); five other deals were reportedly made by the Biden family with people directly connected to the CCP intelligence. CCP-linked entities also reportedly poured millions into Penn State’s Biden Center, where Joe Biden illegally stored classified documents. Shaffer said, “And that’s why it’s important to now identify all institutions within the U.S. government as to what the Chinese have done infiltrate our culture and undermine our governance.” To educate people.”

Shaffer stated that a lot of American consumers’ purchases are made in China. He explained how he plans on “defunding the CCP,” according to the NFSC interviewer. Shaffer argued that “we have to cut our linkage with the Chinese economy” because all of the money we give to the Chinese Communist Party is being used against us in the fifth-generation war. The Epoch Times claimed in September that the CCP was already at war against the United States using a combination of economic, military, and communications tactics.

Shaffer offered an example: “It’s almost like that during the Cold War we wouldn’t have… funded the Soviet Union,” Shaffer said. We used economic warfare to destroy their economy and their system. This is how we defeated the Soviet Union. The CCP must be treated in the same way.

Our leadership today is not Ronald Reagan’s. Biden’s only wall he wants to remove is America’s border wall. As Shaffer stated, Biden and his family almost certainly have financial ties to the genocidal CCP.