Fauci Commissioned And Edited Report He Later Used To Downplay Lab Leak Theory

House Republicans said that Dr. Anthony Fauci, a retired Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, ordered and approved a 2020 study showing that COVID-19 wasn’t caused by a Chinese laboratory leak.
Fauci and other well-known scientists had called a conference to attempt to ignore science, create a narrative about the virus’ origins, and they were significantly reduced after the fact.

Fauci didn’t mention his participation even though he mentioned it later on the national stage.

Kristian G. Anderson is an immunology professor at Scripps Research Institute and a Danish evolutionary biologist. Fauci was notified by him on January 31, 2020 that he had written: “You need to look carefully at your genome to find features which can be engineered. ” ” … “…

Francis Collins was the former director of National Institutes of Health. Jeremy Farrar from Britain attached comments from Bob Garry and Michael Farzan (both Scripps Research Institute professors of immunology and microbiology).

Farrar stated that Farzan was concerned about Farzan’s furin site, and that Farzan struggled to explain it as an external event.

Scientists discussed scientific evidence that could have supported their belief. Three days later, conference was called off and four scientists wrote a paper titled “The Proximal origins SARS/CoV-2”. This paper concluded with a new dogmatism. “We don’t believe any laboratory-based scenario to be plausible. ” ”

Sunday’s House Republicans memo stated that Collins had seen a draft, and Fauci also saw it. Fauci was then notified again “for editing and approval.” ” ”

A subcommittee discovered that Fauci did more than approve and edit the paper. He also “prompted” its creation. According to it, Dr. Fauci “incited the publication that would “disprove” the lab leak theory. ”

A subcommittee discovered that Andersen was Fauci’s colleague from the conference phone and the paper’s lead author. “We thought that bringing clarity [sic] to Nature might be of some interest.

Fauci has been accused of “inciting” the publication of distorted reports in scientific circles and on the national stage.

On April 17, 2020, the White House Press Briefing asked Fauci if it was possible for the virus to have “came from a laboratory in China.” Fauci referenced the paper, but did not mention that he had edited and approved it.

Fauci kept the weight of the study in a prestigious notebook behind him and kept it secret. Fauci said that COVID-19, an animal virus, had jumped to a person.

Fauci told National Geographic in May 2020, that there was no scientific evidence to support the theory that the virus originated from Wuhan.

Fauci may have preferred to accept the zoonotic origin argument rather than facing the possibility that the virus that has killed millions around the world could have been imported from China. His agency funded dangerous gain of function experiments using coronaviruses.

Ted Cruz from Texas stated to CPAC, that Dr. Anthony Fauci had done more to undermine trust and science and medicine.